Being Totally Honest to Everyone about your drinking

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Hi justin. Your drinking sounds a bit like mine, in that I had a lot of sober time that would be hijacked by binging relapses. And each time I'd end a binge I'd SWEAR to myself that 'this was the last time'. And at the time, I'd mean it with every fibre of my being.

But it wasn't enough. It truly wasn't about willpower. I thought I was doing the right thing by seeing an addictions counsellor every week or so, but she finally encouraged me to seek more intensive treatment.

The tentative answer for me was to go to treatment. For a long time I thought treatment was for people a whole lot worse off than I was (LOL!), you know, people who were fall down drunk every day. But that was just a subconscious rationalization for me to keep f'ing up. But I went, I think it was a great first step for me to treat the 'ism' in my alcoholism.

As for telling people - I think it's only useful as far as protecting myself, or needing a shoulder to lean on. People close to me know, so that they know not to wave any alcohol in my face not knowing that I'm in recovery. But beyond that, it's not really anyone's business.

Anyhoo, these are just my experiences and opinions. Best wishes going forward, and I hope you find your path to recovery.
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Originally Posted by Pouncer View Post
I second and third the notion that it isn't willpower you are lacking. I thought that I was relapsing because I was lacking willpower, too. It was a relief to find out that it was much simpler than that. I was lacking tools.)
This. Yes. I believe that once we figure out *why* we were drinking, then we can figure out strategies to replace the alcohol. The tools. I drank because of anxiety, then had anxiety because of the drinking. I'm still looking for ways of coping with the daily onslaught of this kind of emotion, and am slowly finding the right tools. Drinking can't be an option. It only makes my life worse. The *why* is always a complex thing. Many whys, many tools.
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This site is informative

There are some great tips and suggestions on this link:

How I Quit Drinking Alcohol | Stop Drinking Alcohol .com

Perhaps you can find something of use in the above link.
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You don't have to tell anyone. Let the change they see in you when you get sober tell them. It will be obvious.

Best wishes finding a program that works for you.
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