2 weeks

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2 weeks

Hi - woohoo! Feeling good, but seem to be struggling with my witching hour after work. That's always been my struggle. I'm fine when I first get home, but by 6:00 I find myself wanting some wine. I have been doing great with finding something to do to get my mind off the booze. I get out of the house or get the kids involved with something that requires my constant attention (painting, beads) The urges pass quickly. My head is so clear , that I feel like the urges are getting easier to handle. When I was hungover, it was easy to talk myself into a drink to "feel better". So aggravating - a few weeks ago I actually had to have a small drink in the morning to function after a crazy Saturday night. This Sunday, I was up before the kids watching what I WANTED on tv. LOL -
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I spent yesterday drinking and taking 'care' of my kids, and my first thought this morning was that I didn't want to dump out what I had left because that could be my 'last' one after work.

I know that's a mistake. Every time I let myself have one more, it turns into 100. It's going down the drain, and seeing how well you're doing two weeks out makes the future look so much brighter!
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I have the same issue. when it gets to that time of day and I want a smoke or a drink,
maybe I should schedule something at that timE, even if it's just calling an old friend to get rid of the loneliness /boredom factor that makes me want to head to a bar
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Great work! Keeping busy definitely helps, and planning activates for those times of the day in advance will also be of benefit. The cravings will subside as you get more time under your belt too. And don't forget to play the tape through about what would happen if you did would not be pretty.
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Yes, I think being aware of the difficult times of your day/night is a big step towards staying sober.
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WTG BeBetter! I have 7 days under my belt and still feel hungover, minus the guilt and shame. But each day I am improving health wise and healing physically. Mentally, I know what I have to do, and the first step to heal was to quit drinking!
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Do your best
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Awesome job on 2 weeks BBFK
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I know the feeling. I have kids and giving your complete attention (and not the irritable or checked out ) is wonderful. I found an AA meeting that starts right after work so I don't have time to hit the convenience store and don't have to wait for an hour or so between work and a meeting. Congrats on 2 weeks- make it 2 months, etc.....
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