Back on here after 3 years

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Back on here after 3 years

Hello everybody, after 3 years of returning to my old habits I am back. 1 month after my last drink and feel good 99% of the time. I find there are times when I would love a drink, but I know what would happen.

Just posting this makes me feel better, I feel amongst friends.

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Welcome back gifford

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Welcome back and congratulations on a month sober :-)
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That bell or bike person
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Hello gifford ,
welcome back , i found stopping drinking was one part of the solution the second part was learning how to deal with life sober , i picked up a lot of hints and tips by coming here and reading most days .

Bestwishes, m
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Congratulations on one month and welcome back!
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Do your best
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Very nice to meet you Gifford
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Welcome back, Gifford!
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Welcome back Gifford!!
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Welcome back, Gifford. You are, in fact, among friends.
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Welcome back, Gifford; nice to meet you.
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Welcome back. Ditto on what Mecanix said. I come here to pick up tips and for support to stay sober and live my life without alcohol.

Well done on a month.
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Welcome back and congratz on 1 month!
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I don't know if we r ever cured. I think we go into remission. Much like cancer or lupus. I've had/have both. I hopeu drinking never returns. I try like heck to ensure its demise. I'm always on the lookout. Bottom line. Is forgive. Quit again. And keep moving.
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I'm really glad you are back.

I spent (or wasted) enough years seeking that elusive feeling that alcohol initially gave me.

I want no part of that old life back, and I hope that you feel the same way.

Please hang around and let us know how you are doing.
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