overcoming depression

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overcoming depression

I struggle so many days from depression that has been unmasked under the abuse. Hoping I'm putting my best step forward with a new counselor. And support on these forums.:
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Welcome'll find a lot of support and understanding here. Best of luck in finding a new counselor as well.
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Welcome to SR
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I understand where you're coming from. I too have dealt with depression. Drinking never helped it any. Good luck with your counselor.

Originally Posted by steeringclear View Post
I struggle so many days from depression that has been unmasked under the abuse. Hoping I'm putting my best step forward with a new counselor. And support on these forums.:
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The hardest thing to do while depressed is to get outside and exercise but, if we do in most cases we will feel much better.

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welcome to a great place and a wonderful community steeringclear
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Do your best
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Welcome SteeringClear
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Welcome to SR steeringclear.

Not sure if this will help, but trying to understand depression may help. Here's one link, and there's tons more out there as well. Understanding the cause is half way to finding the solution.

Causes of Depression: Genetics, Illness, Abuse, and More
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I'm feeling horrible at the moment too. Let's start a club. We can discuss depressing things and feel futile.
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I suffer from depression. I'm 48yrs old and finally understand I need to treat it daily. Even when I'm feeling good.

Talking to friends / loved ones

If I do all those, I am in a great place.
It all goes down hill when I stop just one thing. Another follows, then another....

Next thing I know, I'm taking the "easy" way of self medicating with drugs or alcohol. Which of course leads to major depression, a very poor outlook, even suicidal thoughts. I don't address the little issues and they become massive, and the need to use drugs or alcohol grows. Then I completely self destruct. Divorce, losing jobs, friends.....

All because I don't take care of #1...ME.
Those things that keep my happy become hard to do sometimes. But I'm finally realizing NOT doing them puts me in a real bad situation.
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