Anyone feeling "foggy"?

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Anyone feeling "foggy"?

I have been sober for 1 month 9 days! Personal record and very exciting

Unfortunately I've been noticing for the last week or so that my head has been feeling "foggy" - I've had trouble focusing all day, particularly in the afternoon, and have been hard to motivate... it's also hard to get out of bed in the morning (almost like I'm hungover). This didn't happen the first two weeks of being sober, though during that time I was mostly so focused on not drinking I might've just not been aware.

Just curious if anyone else feels (or felt) this way and it's part of the recovery process, i.e. gets worse before it gets better?
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It's just part of the recovery process and is temporary. I had a cycle or two where I would feel foggy for few days, but then it would resolve. Hang in there!
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Way to go on 1 month 9 days yes i felt like this around that time fogginess memory problems etc it got a lot better the more sober time i got under my belt

keep up the good work
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Yeah Ive currently got this, my brain feels slow at times and I cant remember odd things, like what I had for dinner the day before or someones second name at work. Im just doing my best to still do a decent job and ride it out.
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Way to go on over a month!

I suggest looking into PAWS. It was around a month in that my head got foggy off and on for a while. It cleared up after a couple months though.
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You two might be interested in checking out that old post on PAWS
and that
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It's pretty much par for the course Cambie. It gets better

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I agree - I felt very fuzzy for a couple months, on and off.
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Yep, I definitely had that too. Mine lasted about 4 or 5 months. I felt like I was becoming an idiot at times, like I could not focus or concentrate.

It does go away eventually.
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Originally Posted by cambie03 View Post

I've been noticing for the last week or so that my head has been feeling "foggy" - I've had trouble focusing all day
This last time sobering up for me was very different than the others.
I was in a deep scary fog for proxy 4 months. I was actually wondering if things were going to ever clear up ? They did, hang in there.

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It passes...thank goodness! I had it bad in the beginning but it did clear up.
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Mine came and went, but I knew as long as I didn't drink or pick up (weed), my brain and body were healing!!

Keep moving forward!!!!
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Good thread. Thanks for the read folks.
My takeaways:
- I damaged my body by adding poison to it for years. It's going to take a while for it to return to its full capabilities.
- I need to be more serious about eating right, exercise, and stress management.
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