Easier then i thought :)

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Easier then i thought :)

Hey Hey

I am now 10 days sober and actually finding things so much easier then i thought it would be. Of course i still have emotional moments but i really am enjoying and embracing being sober. Im thinking and feeling so much more positive about life in general !

The cravings are getting less each day because now ive seen the sober side of life i can see the benefits and im feeling more 'normal' now where as when i was drinking i thought that was 'normal' how wrong i was.

Im just happy that im fighting that little voice in my head telling me i need a drink because when i really ask myself if i do the answer is no i feel like im taking more control of my life and i no its early days so im still keeping my guard up because i no how sneaky it can be and hit me when im not expecting it !!
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Way to go on 10 days Mjane
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MJane91 (04-27-2015)
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Good job on 10 days!
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Happy to hear the good news MJane. 10 days - what an accomplishment!
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Glad things are going well Mjane
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Excellent! Congrats on 10 days. That is awesome!
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That little "Voice" will be pretty quiet for the first week or two...then when it realizes that you're serious about this sobriety thing it will start talking to you. It may be subtle at first...Dont let your guard down...He will be screaming at you before long !!!...Day 12-15 has always been my rough time on previous quit attempts.

Get to day's 21-28 and things smooth out.

Stay vigilent !...Stay the course.

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Well done MJane on ten days. That's great. Keep your head in the game. Things sometimes come in from left field and you need to watch for them. You've got a great start.
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DuhDave (04-27-2015)
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Congrats on 10 days! You are doing great!

Sobriety can come with ups and downs, so don't get discouraged if things get more difficult at some point in the future. Enjoy the up times and remember in the down times that it's all part of the process.
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