Thanks for allowing me on your website!

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Thanks for allowing me on your website!

I need help but have no insurance coverage that covers this type of help. I was put out of work on Sept. 2014 on disability and have been very depressed and stressed since then.
I am not trying to use that as an excuse for my drinking, but it definitely helped it along.
I can not seem to get a handle on the emptiness and helpIessness I feel. So it takes my pain away, temporarily, but drinking beer helps me to survive.
Thanks for listening.....
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Hi and Welcome,

I also turned to alcohol to help me cope and self-medicate depression and anxiety. You have found a great place for support to help you stop drinking. The issues of emptiness and helplessness can be addressed as you recover. You will likely be able to get involved in activities and interests when you stop drinking.
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What Anna said. I was recently diagnosed with severe clinical depression. I've been self medicating and it has done nothing but make matters worse.

I never really knew but I do now. Only problem is now...I cant quit the booze.

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Just my 0.02

I can definitely relate to you guys here. I too had a diagnosis of clinical depression and lost a job over it

I also took to drinking because of it which only makes everything worse in the long run as we all know

It did used to make me feel better too for a short while and therein lies the problem. The demon drink

I was self medicating for stress anxiety and depression they told me also when I was in inpatient/rehab

Is that an option for you? Your doctor can prescribe a drug called Librium for withdrawals and it works

Thats only half the battle as the routine become's ingrained. I think thats probably what AA is about then
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Welcome to SR
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Hello, Self medication was a big part of my drinking career. It almost always makes things worse in the long run. Doesn't seem like it now but you'll find it much easier to handle adverse situations once the fog of intoxication is cleared.

Good luck
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Welcome to SR, depressedat58! I'm glad you found us and it's good to have you here. The good new is that this is a great start! Therapy and treatment is great but the first step is wanting deep down to quit. You need to be ready for change. You sound like you are or you wouldn't be here!

It would be nice to have more support but at least you can go to the ER if necessary. Don't let anything stop you from putting down the bottle.
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do you have medicaid? there is help available and most states have at least one rehab/detox center on a sliding scale.

glad you found SR!
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Hi and welcome depressedat58

I tried to fill the emptiness of my days with drinking too - just made things worse.

You'll find a lot of support and good ideas here - hope to see you around

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I do not know what area you are in, but if they have a Chesnut Ridge near you they will help with depression/anxiety/alcoholism/medicine/therapy of charge. I used their services before I had insurance. Also, if you call your county drug and alcohol center they can place you in detox or rehab free of charge as well. Their are resources out their to help you...Good Luck.
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