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Had my last drink about this time 3 nights ago. The last day or so I've had a headache, the only thing relieving it being drinking water.

What I don't get is that alcohol is a diuretic so why didn't I get this sort of headache when I was drinking. Or maybe it was there but 'hidden' under all the other side effects/alcohol induced numbness?

I know we're not a medical forum but wondered if anybody else found the same thing.
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I find that around Day 3 or 4, the headaches hit. I never paid them much attention before since I was typically never going 3 or 4 days without alcohol, ha. But once I reached the point of drinking a bit less, I noticed it more. Alcohol was the only thing that was the missing element so I knew it was that.

I increased my water, took Ibuprofen if necessary and realized they typically went away after about Day 5.

I also think it may take a few days for the signs of dehydration to show up?
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Hangovers are caused in the main by dehydration as the salts and minerals are leeched for the cells due to the directic effect of alcohol. I knew this but I havent reached day 4/5 for a very long time, and have been astounded that im so dehydrated even after drinking water. Using a salts/mineral replacement helped today (dyoralite) which seemed to help for me.
All new ground to me too. Take care
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Do your best
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Dehydration lasted 5 full days for me sweating it didnt matter how much water i drank (and drinking too much water can be as equally dangerous)

Have you tried rehydration sachets that you can get from most chemists ?
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Alcohol does dehydrate you, but when you're physically addicted the headaches and hangovers are few and far between. Normally this is because you're under the influence so often and your body has never had a chance to level out. If you're feeling some headaches, drink some water and then drink some more water. Rest and relax. It'll get better, congrats on keeping sobriety going, keep it up!
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I am not an expert by any means, but I'll throw this out there ~ Up until yesterday I was a wine drinker. To curb some of the cravings of sobriety, I'm slowly weaning myself off sugar. Low carb diet.

Along about day 3 (tomorrow), I'm totally expecting a major headache. Sugar crash.

Alcohol and sugar seem to be very related.

Drink lots of water and just know it passes after a day or two.
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I don't know what the reason is, but I was massively dehydrated in early recovery, and I still have to remind myself to drink water. My habit was to keep a drink (usually straight gin) by my side all day. When I quit the liquor, I'd often forget to drink anything at all LOL.

Who cares why, just drink lots of water, and don't drink any booze!
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I too had headaches early on and whilst drinking. I would often have a 'hair of the dog' early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to try and cure the hangover.
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I had rehydration sachets in the house all along - eye height on the shelf above the cups so every time I got a cup for a glass of water they were there :-)
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Hope you're feeling better Virginia. The headache sucks but your body is healing :-)
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Try coconut water, it restores your body with natural electrolytes. I used to down a bottle or two to help cure my hangovers. But this week, I have been mixing it with lemon/mint infused water, and added a little low sodium club soda to add some fizz. It's really good! I carry a large water bottle all day long.
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Maybe try adding a sports drink on addition to the water. Gatorade or similar. Cut out the caffeine which is also a diuretic.

I didn't drink enough water in early recovery my first go around and landed in hospital on iv fluids with a kidney infection. Keep up with the water and it will pass.
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Originally Posted by TennantSmith View Post
I find that around Day 3 or 4, the headaches hit. I never paid them much attention before since I was typically never going 3 or 4 days without alcohol
Same here. Prior to detox I doubt I'd taken more than a dozen aspirin in my entire life. I'd never even had any around the house. But at that 3 or 4 day mark the headaches began. Very mild, but headaches all the same. I now take a coupla aspirin in the morning.

That's a small price to pay for sobriety.
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I am on day twenty two and I still get the headaches. The past week, not everyday, but just when I think I am over it, they return with a vengeance. I drink plenty of water. Not sure what else I could be missing.
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