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I found a glass pipe amongst my husbands things today. It has a long stem that ends in a glass sphere with a small hole in the top of the sphere. I have seen glass pipes used to smoke cannabis and this is NOT that kind of pipe. For years, getting progressively worse, my husband has been displaying symptoms of drug use/addiction. Two years ago around this time of year he admitted to me that he was addicted to painkillers. However, after one meeting he said he was not a drug addict and that all he needed was to detox and stop seeing the doctor who was prescribing the pills. He did and for a short time he seemed better. Then he got a job that sent him out of town to work. I became concerned again when I started receiving statements from our insurance carrier for various ER and emergency care clinics he was visiting. His job was very physical and he seemed to get injured a lot. He also has "digestive" issues for which he had his gallbladder removed. Nevertheless, he was going to the ER or emergicare clinics as many times as twice a month which seemed excessive to me. Additionally he would never follow up with the recommended specialists or physical therapy. When our daughter was born last December he spent the night she was born in the hospital ER and after I came home he stole over half of my pain medication which was prescribed because of my c-section. He also quit his job after I gave birth. When he got our tax return he said he used it to pay our bills which we were behind on, but I recently got notices that our gas and electricity are set to be cut off this month. He is working off and on at his dad's company. He works at night and covers for other employees so his hours are never set. He's gone every night saying he's working, but we never have money. When he is at home all he does is sleep. He's angry all the time and lashes out at me and our children daily. I'm at my wits end. I don't know what I should do. Should I confront him with what I've found? When I have in the past he blows up at me and blames me for everything, never admitting he has a problem. I found the pipe in a pile of dirty clothes inside an old eyeglasses case wrapped in a dryer sheet. I smelled it but I could only smell the dryer sheet. I'm afraid I might have left a finger print on it when I touched it to smell it. Should I throw it away? I'm tired, scared, angry, confused... Please help!
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You're right to be concerned. It sounds very much like a crack pipe.

I'm sorry for you - it must be very hard for you and your children to be in this situation.

I'm getting a subtext here that you're a little afraid of your husband's reactions sometimes? If I've read wrong I apologise, but if not, living in fear is no way for you or your children to live.

Seems to me you deserve better, awifeinAL.

I hope you'll stick around - there's a lot of support and advice both here and in the Family and Friends forums

Friends and Family of Substance Abusers - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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You say he lashes out at you and the children. Whatever his addiction, this is not acceptable. You need to put your families safety before anything else.

He is in denial and nothing you do or say will help him unless he faces up to the truth.

Carry on posting here as you need somewhere to let this all out x
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