Did I learn anything?..Yes I did.

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Did I learn anything?..Yes I did.

Back to day 1...after 28 days. Went to a party on Saturday night. My AV convinced me that seeing I had done 4 weeks that surely a couple wouldn't hurt. As usual a couple turned into a total drunken night. I felt like death warmed up on Sunday morning. Did I learn anything? Yes I did.
1. My AV is a lying, cunning sack of sh.t.
2. I definitely cannot have a "couple of drinks"
3. That I am not an hilarious life of the party when drunk ( saw some video of me dancing....cringe, cringe)
4. I am not an expert on all things ( I remembered the next day some of the drivel that my wisdom loudly told the party)
5. That I am not George Cooney and every female does not find me irresistible.
6. Hangovers are the pits.
And the list could go I hope I have actually learnt something from this and will remember it the next time my AV tries to convince me to have " just a couple".
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It sounds like you learned a lot Greggo. I hope you're ready to get back to working on your recovery.
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You know what's cool? Not having to worry about any of that.

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The big thing I found out when I was drinking is I cannot drink in safety. Many years later, I still can’t!

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I'm glad you learned some stuff Greggo. Now you need to put that knowledge to work

what's your plan?

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Feed your head
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