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I'm the wife of a newly sober alcoholic and I'm struggeling to understand this whole new world that we are living in. We have 2 kids who are feeling the same.....he's moody and has very little patience. I know that's he's trying hard to stay sober and I'm trying to be supportive but it's very hard on us too.
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Tough topic. Am I right in assuming he's withdrawn himself from the family more than usual?
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Irritability is normal during the first few weeks of sobriety. It may pass.
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I'm sorry you are having to deal with it. I know that moody feeling well. It's not you at all. It's hard to explain to what goes on in our head in these early stages. It's a feeling of frustration, self doubt, an all out battle in your mind on trying not to let yourself thing about drinking. I hope he is doing helpful things to quit. It's a hard thing to do alone.
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Yes, at times he is withdrawn and at other times you can tell he is trying.
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He is going to AA mtgs and trying to get a rehab facility but is on a waiting list....
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There may also be a level of frustration on his part. I know that I want to feel better immediately and get disheartened when I'm not sleeping well as soon as I stop drinking etc.

How long is it since he stopped drinking?
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Sounds like you could use some support.

In addition to posting in newcomers, there is also a friends and family forum on SR - I suggest checking it out to connect with others who are in your shoes.

Alanon is another resource.

The first couple of weeks that I quit alcohol, I felt like a turtle without it's shell (aka alcohol) in a briar patch. I had to learn to get myself out of the briar patch.

Recognizing when he tries may help him find his way out faster.

Good luck!
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That was certainly my experience as well. When I was drinking I cycled between being exuberant/relaxed and being irritable and uptight. When I quit I initially had some bad periods of being irritable without the relief of alcohol to stuff it. However, over the weeks and months the irritability has receded. While it is based on his changing brain chemistry and you should try to be understanding, you can also call him out when it happens because he should be working on it as well. He may not be entirely aware of it when it is happening.
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Do your best
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Welcome Amn Friends and Family of Alcoholics - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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Welcome to the Forum AMM!!
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Welcome AMM

yah - as hard as the first few weeks are for us, I often think it must be even harder on loved ones.

You'll find a lot of support and understanding here

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