I'm done

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I'm done

I had my last drink tonight. I am so sick and tired of drinking. I have had enough of it. I hate waking up each day feeling horrible.
I have been reading lots of posts for a few days now. Finally decided it was time for me to post. I'm really hoping that by reading and posting daily, I can hold myself accountable and finally stop. Tomorrow is day 1 and a new beginning. Wish me luck.
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Welcome and good luck
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Welcome TfC! You have made a great decision. Best of luck. I found coming on here and posting was a great way to replace the cravings, particularly in the first few days.
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Hey TFC! Congrats on quitting and joining SR. Reading and posting daily really helps, by the way.
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Welcome timeforchange

I don't think you need luck - just commitment & willingness - you'll do great

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Congrats on a great decision, timeforchange! Welcome to SR.
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Congratulations on this decision and welcome!
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Welcome to SR timeforchange.
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Hi and welcome.
Congratulations with your decision, there is a lot of good suggestive reading on this site.

Reading and understanding is one thing however ACTION is required.

I needed to get honest with myself about my drinking and then ACCEPT the fact that I cannot drink in safety one day/moment at a time in a row even if my A$$ falls off.
The work involved is understanding why I drank, besides being addicted to alcohol.
For me it was my mismanaged feelings involving insecurity, loneliness, many fears and on and on.
In general I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Today after a lot of work the result is being comfortable in my own skin most of the time.

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Welcome to the Forum Timeforchange!!
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Feed your head
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Welcome bk TFC
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Realising my life
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Excellent decision, Timeforchange - a new life awaits xxx
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