Dropping everything and running

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Dropping everything and running

It's now 34 hours since my last drink (I think! It was around 8pm Friday night UK time). I've just woken up after 7 hours sleep, at least 4 hours more than I've been getting!

Last night my son and I went to the local theatre - about 10 mins walk away. I thought the show started at 7.30 pm. How wrong was I ! It actually started at 6.30 pm, as I discovered when I read the tickets at 6.25pm.

So, we jumped in the car (words can not explain the sheer panic and flapping going on!!) I kicked him out at the end of the lane where the theatre is, drove a little way further up and parked on double yellow lines (ie no parking at all) and ran back - getting to my seat dead on 6.30pm.

We enjoyed the show and fortunately the car was unticketed when we got back.

That all sounds very trivial (as well as emphasising my lack of organisation!) but if I was in the 'drinking mindset' we wouldn't have got there. Chances are I wouldn't have actually had a drink by that point as I knew we were going out but my 'drinkers head' would have told me we had left it too late and to not even try to get there. Followed by a trip to the shop for wine and feeling sorry for myself.

Which has got me thinking. My elderly parents live 30 miles away. My older sister lives in a town half way between them and us but doesn't drive. My dad has been hospitalised once already this year. This was during my non- drinking six weeks so I could get there straight away. This morning is the first morning since I started drinking again that I would be able to get over there in an emergency if I got a call without having to wait for the alcohol to leave my system.

So, I guess, one of the first benefits of giving up the alcohol is gaining freedom - as I can just jump in the car and go when necessary.

Sorry for the ramble, I'm thinking things through and writing them dine to clarify things to myself :-D
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Hey VW (pun intended),

Not rambling at all. It is a form of healing to write it down and share. No one is going to knock you for it. An added plus is that someone who might just be in a similar situation to you will come along and find some solace in your words. I know, I have kept my own thread running from day one. Just to remind me how I felt so I never go through this again.

Congrats on the sobriety, it gets easier with every day. The magic words - I will not drink today.


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Yes!!write down all those positive little things that are a result of staying soBer.
A pros and cons list of drinking sort of thing, keep the list open . it sounds cheeasy but it always makes me feel better to know there r more advantages to me staying sober then tying one on.
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Point well taken about being able to drive or deal with family situations at any time of day or night. Soon after quitting I had to deal with a situation with the police brought on by my wife that could have turned out quite badly had I been drinking. So glad I was able to handle it sober.
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I agree, the freedom to go anywhere is awesome. I still forget that I can drive at any time of the day. I hope you give yourself some credit and a pat on the back for what you have done so far. 34 hours is great.
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Keep pushing through VirginiaWoof!!
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Do your best
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Your doing really well VW
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