Day 3 cant sleep.

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Day 3 cant sleep.

Im tired but more confused than anything. I read alot over the last two days on here, and decided to be completely honest about my drinking with my husband. Ive never hid anything from him and he buys me beer when doing the shopping so I know he knows there is an issue. He works overnight three times a week so I began by saying I drink every night. We talked for ages and I told him eeverything honestly. He told me he thinks im over thinking it and its because my parents didnt drink that I dont realise most people do drink to this extent ?? His father was a heavy drinker but he mother wasnt.

Weird conversation after I explained I rarely remember the previous evening and how I woke up in bed/sofa how I dont remember him or one of the kids waking me up after falling asleep on the toilet with my clothes around my ankles for the hundredth time.

I don't understand ? He doesn't drink in the house and the last time he was drunk was about 17 years ago.

Im questioning myself, but I know its just an excuse to pretend I don't have a problem.

Its day three my skin is so itchy its ridiculous but im stronger for being here doing this, emptying my head and heart on my journey forward. I just thought he would be relieved I was doing something about it...
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Hang in there, years of drinking can't be healed in a matter of days.

The body is going to take time to adjust, but it will!!
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My closest friends and family didn't want to know I had a problem - my family still don't.

All I need to do is learn when to stop, apparently.

I don't blame them.

There are several alcoholics on my mums side so I can see where her denial comes from.

The bald fact is some people will never understand alcoholism or addiction because they have no experience of the condition.

don't use any of that to question yourself. You would not be here if all was well, right?

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It really does get easier the more you get along the journey. Hang in there, it will be worth it!
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I think it was good that you were honest with your husband, very brave of you. The fact that he doesn't get it, doesn't reflect on him. It's just the way it is. Good job on getting through Day 3. Hope you feel better soon.
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Feed your head
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Hang in there Bluesky were here for you your doing really well congrats on day 3

keep interacting & spk soon bud
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Wow my husband would give me the cold shoulder after a binging night.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones will see an improvement and love it
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