AF Drinks...

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AF Drinks...

Hi all.

I am looking for non alcoholic drink recipes to replace my old beer habit. Water is getting very boring and I don't like having a coca cola everyday. What are some of your favorite drinks that you enjoy now that are refreshing and enjoyable?

Thanks for your time.

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My favourite is cranberry juice, drop of soda water and lime!!

Also I drink green/white teas every day of the week, so many flavours to try!!
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At a bar? I just order something sugary or fizzy. I like to think ppl assume it's a mixed drink.
. my drink of choice right now is green tea - specificAlly genmaicha.
here's my 2 cents, think of all the money you're saving by not drinking and explore soMe creative avenues with ALcohol free drinks.
there's an ALCOHOL free ginger beer I love Too. Reeds ginger brew
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Do your best
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Green tea is lovely
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I'm off to go find some reeds ginger beer. Looks yummy. I hope they have the crafted root beer too.
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Lime juice
Fresh mint
Sparkling water or club soda
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Club soda and any fruit juice
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Oh yea, since lots of people keep posting about green tea-
Yerba mate and guayasa are both known for their " natural highs"
and also have health benefits beyond regular green tea.
Good stuff for us alkies
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I'm into sparkling mineral water. Sometimes plain and sometimes with flavor.
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Green tea with lemon is great. Mineral water or soda lemon and lime when I'm out. I've found it very helpful to have a drink in your hand when in social situations, even though it's not alcoholic. Otherwise I feel awkward and people are more inclined to ask why you don't have a drink which can lead into awkward territory if you're not prepared
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Flavored hot or iced coffee. Hot peach tea. Gatorade/sports drinks. Mountain Dew. V-8 juice. Bottled water. Iced tea with lemon. I also eat lots of ice cream (probably too much). Sometimes I have Andes mints or hard butterscotch candy. These things have helped me over the past (almost) two months not to drink.
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I make selzer water with a Soda Stream machine. Use either a few slices of lemon or lime or a splash of orange juice. Trying to reduce coffee intake and have found teas; white, black, and various herbals, are a good substitute. Yogurt and fruit in a blender makes a nice cool drink on a warm day.
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Green tea with honey I like, but it's too hot here to drink that often.

Another I like is these multi-vitamin fruit juice drinks:

I got all the store owners around me confused, I think. Sometimes I'll grab my standard 1L bottle of whiskey, and other times about 16 of those fruit juices.
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I like creame soda, any sort of tea especially Earl Gray. La croix water is flavored almost taste like soda but its all natural. Its good stuff but very pricey.
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I treat myself to a rootbeer float now and then. I like limeade, too.
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I enjoy flavored seltzer waters, although I really enjoy different flavors of Roobois tea. If I want caffeine, I enjoy green teas.
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Thanks for all the replies. I went and picked up some IBC root beer and some Pepsi with real sugar. I won't drink much of the pepsi though. Not a big soda drinker. I will try another store for the reeds ginger beer. Their site says its sold in my area. I will try the green tea as well.
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