can adderall help with opiate withdrawal

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Smile can adderall help with opiate withdrawal

I ran out of my pain I took an adder all, an it seemed to have stopped it completely.
I was wondering if anyone has went through the same thing
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Does your doctor know about this?
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id be seeing a doctor first
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Opiates are downers, adderall is an upper. Can it help no clue. Adderall is a stimulant, and you're trading one habit for another. What opiates are you, were you addicted to? Be careful its a slippery slope you're on. Not a doctor, but I bet I won't help, you're just robbing Peter to pay Paul.
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Hi Cindi - welcome

No matter what the drugs involved, self medicating is never a great idea.

The risk of cross addiction (getting addicted to something else addictive) is pretty high.

If you're finding withdrawal rough the very best thing you can do, in my opinion, is see a Dr.

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(Speaking as a sober opiate addict who has come off various pills and other opioid products)

You need to speak to a doctor about this. Adderall abuse is no joke and you are risking making the inevitable anxiety aspect of opiate withdrawal worse.

Call your doctor.
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I don't know, but Adderall is one of the most addicting drugs you can take. Stop while you're ahead.
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Welcome to the Forum Cindy!!
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Welcome to SR. I doubt anybody here is going to promote using one potentially addictive substance to help deal with the w/d's of another. Stimulants made me feel far worse in opiate withdrawal.

Seriously tell your doctor you ran out, be honest with him/her, there might be a problem that needs addressing.
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