Crossing a bridge...Thank you SR

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Crossing a bridge...Thank you SR

Well its been a week.... Sober woohoo

I finally feel like i have crosser that bridge now i have finally accepted my addiction it has now allowed me to separate my thoughts and the addiction thoughts and it made it easier for me to be in control.

In a way i feel empowered and i have come so far and got stronger mentally and physically and im happy i am finding the new me. Ive realised this is not a game anymore this is very much real, my real life and every choice i make doesn't just impact my life it also impacts my family and the people around me which is not fair. By game i mean the only person that is losing out is me because the addiction controlled me and didn't allow me to be who i really am and not the life i want to live.

Now i have crossed that bridge i realise i am and always will be a recovering alcoholic and i am proud to say that i live my life sober. I have not worked this hard mentally to gain strength over the addiction to go backwards. I would be disappointed in myself and would feel guilty to all the people in my life that are supporting me and encouraging me especially everyone on SR your support has really made me want to fight.

Being sober is the way to go and nothing will ever jeopardise my sobriety. I am finally in control of my life. I will take every day as it comes and embrace the emotions i feel and carry on learning and getting stronger every day.

sorry for the long post just feel really happy and its thanks to finding everyone on SR it really has kept me keep fighting!
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Congratulations on a week Jane, that is fantastic! And feel free to post as much as you want, whenever you want here on is not only welcomed but encouraged. Have a very nice weekend!
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Congrats! Stay the course!
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Do your best
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Congrats Mjane on a week sober you are awesome (((((Mjane)))))
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Congrats on your week Mjane

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Thank you everyone

Had a brilliant day and treated myself to lots of sweets lol
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1 Week is fantastic Jane!! Keep pushing through!!
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