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I don't like my job, it's in social care management, it's extremely stressful and the people are difficult to manage, I think it may be a huge contributing factor that led me to becoming depressed, after slowly becoming completely and utterly burnt out by the role, the processes, the endless pointless discussions. I've returned, that's a positive.

I want more from my life than this, the wage is not worth the emotional turmoil
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This is going around so much in my life right now.... I have felt this way for over 15 years. I have a very good salary. I have great benefits. I have a lot of things to be grateful about with my career - and I loathe it.

All around me are people who feel similarly. I feel like there must be more. I feel like I don't want to spend my cherished, limited time on this physical plane by spending most of my waking hours at this soul-draining job.

I have spent years rationalizing 'yeah but look at all it does to support your life'. Yet all that seems to do is contribute to keeping me trapped in it.

The trap is that 15+ years into it.... with child support and a mortgage and a family to support and health care to pay for.... how on earth can I even change?

So far, my current track is to focus on nurturing my soul needs outside of work more. Trying to make room in my day to meditate. Taking a walk in the woods. Going running. Finding ways to do more meaningful things with my time in service to others - outside of work.

One day, I hope I am able to align the objectives of "making a living" and "Making a difference".

For now.... I continue to ask for guidance.
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I have had many different jobs in my life, and I've found that there is no "perfect" one. If there were they wouldn't pay you do to it, right?

No matter where you work there are difficult people to deal with, menial tasks to complete, policies you don't agree with, etc.

I do enjoy parts of my job, but i've also resigned myself to the fact that it is a job...and i need to do it to support my family whether I like it or not.
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i hear you Stwey what career do you think would you be interested in ?

You can train for something is there anything that your leaning towards ?
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I'd give it some deep thought and maybe line a few alternatives up before I did anything Stewy?

Keep in mind too that it will be a stressful situation leaving one job and finding another.

That being said, I wush you well if you decide to branch ourtt into something new.
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Hi Stewy, I agree with Dee that leaving a job, searching for a new job and beginning to work in a new place would be stressful too (doable of course, but stressful). Maybe give it a little more time before you make a decision to leave.
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