The negativity can stay over there

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The negativity can stay over there

Just a post to say that I'm glad that the people that bring negativity my way (family, friends and associates) are staying away from me with that BS while I'm not drinking.

I use to catch a decent amount of crap about my drinking even when i would be sober weeks and sometimes a couple months at a time. Not blaming the cycle on that but it certainly didn't help the situation.

I told them that I can't change the past and I can't fast forward 3 years in the future with complete sobriety. That's fiction.

People in the past at certain meetings I went to would put there years of sobriety in your face like "I got 11 years, beat that" kinda attitude. Really childish in my opinion. I never saw that being beneficial for the person that has had 3 days and is still in shambles in life.

I'm happy about the 13 going on 14 days that I have without a drink right now and Lord willing I'll have some months and years in the days to come. But I would never wanna turn some positive that is happening with me into a mechanism to make someone else feel like ****.

This is not directed towards anyone here, I'm just making a point about it because i know that there are people out there in recovery that approach others like that. If you go to meetings with people like that just lemme speak there peace and brush it off.

Thanks again for all the support you all bring.
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I had to leave some toxic people behind too. I found it happened pretty naturally tho.

Try not to get too upset if people persist. We can't change other people,. especially those in our family, but we can change the way we react

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