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So i woke up this morning feeling liberated. Its like my brain has finally clicked and accepted that me and alcohol are a bad combination. The thoughts that i have in regards to alcohol are not normal, always worrying if there will be enough and where i can get my next drink etc and its made me see how big my problem with alcohol really is but the little addiction voice in my head blurred that.
Now i can finally separate the little alcohol addiction thoughts and my own and its made it so much easier to control because in stubborn enough to not let it win and control me, drinking alcohol is like someone asking me to drink poison. But now i have accepted my problem and acknowledged it ive finally realised yes in 23 and no i cant drink but hey guess what its not the end of the world lol i can still live a happy normal life without it if not a happier and healthier life. I realised my addiction was putting a time limit on me getting my life back on track i was letting it control me when actually i need to control it. Where i wasn't accepting the problem it was holding me back from progressing now i can feel like my life is back in my hands and i can visualise it.

sorry for the long post guys i just feel so happy and excited to finally let the addiction go yes i understand it will be with me for the rest of my life but atleast now i can be in control its good to have such a positive feeling for once

MJ x.x
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Good on you, Jane!

You've just taken your first big step.

Now accept responsibility and do something about healing. Make a plan. Pray. Find your power.

You can do this! We here can all help you!

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I can totally relate! I feel empowered and happy today. I will wake up everyday saying today will be a great alcohol free day for the rest of my life, God willing. I AM Determined to keep positive about this. I refuse to beat myself up anymore, I know it's all because of that first glass of wine, which leads to a bottle, which leads to a shot or two of vodka, which leads to bad hangover and feeling like a helpless drunk the next day.
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Do your best
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Way tom go Mjane
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Well done - that's where it really starts: the sense of relief knowing that the solution is and has been there all along and in fact is totally doable.
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Thank you everyone

That's how it feels now it really has started and it is do able the relief is amazing i cant put into words how i feel like a weight has been lifted now its time to fight and get stronger every day

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Liberated - I like that. What I wouldn't give to be your age & realize what you have. You'll never go through the misery so many of us did. Congratulations.
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HI MJ, really glad you recognize it at such a young age. If you can make it stick you are a rock star. I wish you the very best. Alcohol addiction leads to...nowhere.
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