Nearly time!

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Nearly time!

I am so happy to say I'm 10 months sober. My baby is being induced on Sunday (a little early, but all is okay!)

Life is peaceful, I'm happy and excited about our future. Thoughts of drinking are fewer and far between and I'm ensuring steps are in place for when the baby is here and getting to meetings.

Looking back has been painful in ways. I was lost for so long, so full of fear and hatred for myself. I wasted so much time being a drunk and I hardly recognise the person I was. Today I like me, just being able to say that is lovely.

I've been given a chance at a better way of life. It's been hard but would I go through it again to be sober?! Absolutely.

Wishing everyone well.

L x
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What exciting news, foolsgold; I can't wait to see the birth announcement post!!!!!

Congratulations on 10 months of wonderful sobriety.
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Very good news all around, 10 months is fantastic and early congrats on the pending arrival!
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Such a wonderful post foolsgold! 10 mos. sober and a baby much to look forward to. (No looking in the rearview mirror please )
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Wow, 10 months!! Way to GO. How exciting that you're having your baby soon!

Can so relate to it being painful to look back but also that I really like who I am now, and the fact that I can accomplish things rather than fighting and struggling just to keep my head above water.

You're doing great and congrats!!
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Fantastic news on all fronts.
Best wishes for you and your new one. Congrats on 10 months.

And I certainly hope that you will continue being sober Fool.
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This is so beautiful... I wish you and your child nothing but the best however, I know the kid won't really need it, being raised by someone as strong as a sober alcoholic <3
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Awesome post, Foolsgold! Congratulations on all of it!
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Congratulations on both things fg! Awesome!
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Awesome, just AWESOME
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I like it!
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This is fantastic. Congratulations on your sobriety, that's a huge achievement.

Also, I can't wait to hear about your baby's arrival!
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Do your best
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Congrats for 10 months sober & congrats for the new arrival on sunday
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So excited for you, Foolsgold! And so proud too
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Thank you guys. Without this place I hate to think where I'd be.

Every story helps me stay sober. The stories of hope and despair make me realise where I could be any day. Fight for yourself is what I've learned.

I'll keep you all updated on the baby news.

L x
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It's wonderful to hear stories of Joy
Fabulous - highly inspirational for all!
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