Sundays are my "Bad Days" - Anyone else?

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Sundays are my "Bad Days" - Anyone else?

Happy hump day everyone!

I've noticed in the last four weeks of (finallyyy) not drinking, Sundays are my most difficult days. I always thought it would be Wednesdays, but I haven't had problems at all on Wednesdays - I think of Wednesdays as glass half full, the week is almost done! In contrast the weekends, Sunday in particular, have been very very difficult. It's been really beautiful weather every Sunday but all I want to do is stay in bed and watch movies and eat ice cream.

I think it might be a combination of (a) knowing I have to go to work on Monday and (b) the very beautiful and warm weather, possibly, that has been occuring each Sunday, which maybe reminds me of day-drinking in the sun. The latter might even be the strongest issue.

Anyone else have problems on Sundays and want to share your thoughts?
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Sunny sundays are rough. Sunday before last I found stuff to do but last sunday caved by 11:30am.
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I deal with anxiety so Sundays are sometimes an anxious day for me, especially if I know I have a busy week or work travel coming up. I have been recently seeking counseling for anxiety as I think i've probably had it my whole life but am now finally learning to accept and deal with it after getting sober.

Counseling definitely helps, and i've been doing some reading on mindfulness, meditation, also seems to help take the edge off.
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I had a friend who used to refer to "Sunday stomach" - that queasy, anxious feeling that hits around Sunday afternoon, when you think about the end of the weekend, and the stress of the upcoming week. And of course, how do alcoholics deal with stress? With alcohol. So, yeah. Sundays were the worst.

But, fear not. With more sobriety under my belt, I have found that Sundays are much less stressful than they used to be. Instead of spending much of Sunday anxious and/or drunk, I get TONS of stuff done on Sundays. With so much sober time available to me on weekends now, my biggest chore is trying to decide among the dozens of things to do, or tasks to complete.

So, it gets better. Trust me. It does.
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I used to have either wine or beer on Sunday evening as my special "treat" to ease myself between the weekend and long week ahead. Most weeks for years I would be too anxious to deal with anything as a result. With time, I got used to not having this treat and replacing it with something else. It's working so far!

Also, check in with Weasel's Weekender thread if you need extra support on a Sunday!

Best wishes,

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Hi, I hate Sundays. I've never been fond of them. I still struggle feeling down on them. You are not alone. Google it and read up on it. I no longer spend my day drinking. I do make sure I have a routine set up. I attend church in the morning. While church may not be your bag, substitute something else and do it every week at the same time. Could be working out. Going to have coffee and read the paper. Then I try to make plans that get me out of the house. Visiting relatives. Going to a museum. It varies.

The fact that you know that you don't like Sundays is half the battle. I always used to feel sad and empty on Sundays. It's gotten much better since I quit drinking. I think maybe part of it is unmet expectations. What I didn't get done on the weekend and the upcoming week.

Check out the weekenders thread. It helps me. It goes up on Thursday morning.
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Weekends (morning until night) and weekdays after 5PM are my witching hour.

If I give in my nights and weekends are a constant drunken haze. And my weekdays are spent white knuckling it trying to recover / detox at work.

So I've committed not to give in because honestly living that way is hell. I have my ups and downs but waking up with a clear head and a plan for the day (however trivial) is wonderful
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There is something called Sunday Neurosis. Victor Frankl coined the term. You can read about it here

psychobabble for normal people: Sunday Neurosis

I suffer from the same thing. 4:00 Sunday afternoon = nothing but anxiety
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Ruby2 (04-22-2015)
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I would always drink on Sunday nights.
I would often go through the weekend not drinking but Sunday night I would always drink. For me it was because I didn't want to think about the crazy stressful week ahead.
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