Wow-been awhile

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Wow-been awhile

I just wanted to jump in and do a quick update. I've passed my 1 year mark since I quit cold turkey. My life is 100% better without alcohol. My wife and I are expecting our first baby in June. I can honestly say it was hard work but so so worth the life I have right now.
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That's all so awesome to hear will Congrats!

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LBrain (04-21-2015)
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congrats on getting a year will... and congrats on the upcoming new arrival

I'm wondering though, what was hard work? staying sober or...
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Pipping (04-21-2015)
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Congratulations on your baby and your sobriety. You have a lot to be proud of.x
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My hard work was staying sober. I could have drank many times over this past year but I chose not to. I've read books and have support from my family and friends. Quitting cold turkey isn't easy.
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carlingford (04-22-2015)
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Feed your head
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Congrats exellent news
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Well done willhunting234 you are an inspiration to us all, cannot wait to get there but don't also want to wish my life away, one day at a time, thanks
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1 Year is fantastic!!
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Congratulations on one year sobriety and the upcoming birth of your baby. Parenting sober is a whole lot easier. Well done!
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Congratulations, willhunting, on one year of sobriety and a new baby.
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Thanks for the update.

Best wishes for the upcoming birth of your baby.
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