That Day-2 Happiness

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That Day-2 Happiness

Hey Everyone,

I woke up today with no hangover, no anxiety, no fear. I feel well and under the right mindset. This is one of the greatest things about day 2's for me. Day 0, drunk and numb. Day 1, hangover and mental strain/panic. Day 2, no more mental pain or hangover...slightly more clarity.

I just know my hardest days are yet to come. Days 5-6-7...Those days are the ones where I feel 100% recovered and I "feel" like my body could take the hit of getting drunk without any ill side effects the next day. I gamble on whether or not the anxiety/brain pain/hangover will return the next always does but I still do it.

1 day at a time though.
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Congrats on day 2. Perhaps you could start building a plan for how to deal with day 5/6/7 now rather than taking the gamble when it gets here?
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Congratulations on day 2. I echo Scott on making a plan. It's great that you're posting and I encourage you to keep it up. You joined in November 2014 and have 82 posts. Bump it up up a little, maybe, as you move towards the days you know are tough. Double down the effort and read your earlier posts to remind yourself why you joined SR. if you know that days 5, 6, 7 and beyond are tough, you know in advance to plan for those occasions.

Be well.
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Originally Posted by Scared1234 View Post
I just know my hardest days are yet to come. Days 5-6-7...Those days are the ones where I feel 100% recovered and I "feel" like my body could take the hit of getting drunk without any ill side effects the next day.
Take drinking completely off the table. Accept that you are done with drinking and will never drink again. Then it doesn't matter how you "feel." All that matters is that you quit, and that's what you keep telling your addictive voice when it trys to get you to change your mind.
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Day 2 is fantastic!!
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Congrats on day 2
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I think it's good you know what to expect in future days, so you can prepare. Hooray for being on the right path!
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Congratulations on your Day 2!

I found vitamin B complexes really helped out with cravings and general feelings of sanity the first month. Drinking tends to strip our systems of B vitamin goodness. And don't forget to hydrate!

I look forward to reading more from you!
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Congratulations! I'm on day four and relapsed last week on day eight. Like you said, by that time I was feeling better physically and mentally and I did still have it in my head that drinking was an option. It's not now. I don't need it. It doesn't add anything to my life and I just remember 24 hours to get through, that's it.

Like the other guys said, a plan is a good idea, especially since you can kind of see ahead which days are going to be the most difficult for you :-)
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Day 2 for me too! Yay for us! Because today is traditionally Thirsty Thursday, or as some call Throw Back Thursday (throw back a bottle of wine), today I mixed up a whole jug of lemon/cucumber/mint water and will hydrate the healthy way today. Planning does help. Friday is traditionally my day of reflection (usually with a giant hangover), but tomorrow I will reflect on my health. Saturday is family day! I can't wait to head out of this house and breath the fresh air while we ride our bikes to the dock and watch the ice melt, and I look forward to a gorgeous sunrise on Sunday. That will be glorious!
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