why booze?

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Originally Posted by TroyW View Post
Because it's legal. Alcohol companies know how to do their job, and hire some of the best chemists out there for R&D to ensure you become addicted. Same goes for cigarettes.
I agree with this completely. We all know people who drink every night after work, I did the same. I slept well, ate reasonably well, and performed reasonably well at work. Now, force that nightly drinker to skip one or two nights and the insomnia will kick in, disorganized thoughts, might lose their appetite etc...I think the people at alcohol companies have their formula's figured out perfectly so people can maintain their occupation, yet consume alcohol daily. I know it sounds crazy, but I personally believe it.
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Originally Posted by TomTom75 View Post
You can't get that from tobacco
Cigarettes are a different beast though. It generally takes months of daily / constant smoking to become addicted. With cigarettes, sure you might get a small buzz, but for the most part have to wait until you're physically dependent on them before you begin buying pack after pack on a daily basis. I've known people who have been weekend smokers for years, but aren't actually addicted. They would just smoke to be social.

Alcohol on the other hand is a little different, because it gives you that instant emotional / mental euphoric release. You might not be physically dependant after the first few times getting drunk, but you can easily become emotionally / mentally dependent due to the instant nature of the release you get. And alcohol companies have went out of their away to ensure the stimulation we receive is as addictive as possible.

Then on top of that, it's legal and readily available. I have no idea where to buy some cocaine, but I do know of 6 small stores within about a 500m walking distance where I can buy whiskey any time between 06:00 - 24:00.
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I believe part of my addiction is genetic. There is a theory that alcoholics' brains release much more dopamine, the "feel – good neurotransmitter" than people who are not genetically predisposed to being an alcoholic. I know that nature and nurture often play very complicated roles, but I find that I react a lot differently to drinking than most of my friends do. It's a rush for me! Every taste bud is alive. I have it and it won't do to have a couple; I must drink until someone has to carry me.

Regarding the "nurture," I was raised around alcohol, and the notion that it is acceptable to use booze for celebration, consolation, relaxation, conversation , and reconciliation. Anything with an "ion." It's no one's fault but my own; I just navigate to booze!
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I think alcohol is so addictive because it gives release instantly and puts a buffer up between you and the world. It offers that thing that humans are so easily addicted to- the womb-like warmth and a world at arms length.
It also heightens experiences, at least at first. It's fun.
And all that's enough for the cycle to start. The bad things start to outweigh the good in our chasing of the dragon.
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I don't believe in conspiracy theories.

I know they're attractive but I think they shift the responsibility away from where it needs to be - on us.

The only conspiracy going on in my world was me trying to convince myself I didn't have a problem.

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I took to booze fairly early in my life. I saw others use it in my family, and it was always readily available. Even after experimenting with other drugs in high school, I always came back to alcohol. The illegality of other drugs scared me off, and I think I just enjoyed the sensation that alcohol gave me.

I'm aware that I could probably replace booze with another drug or behaviour, but alcohol will always be my "true love" (I mean that in the most dysfunctional, destructive way possible).
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The brain's part in alcoholism isn't a conspiracy theory as much as a medical one: .pdf

The idea helps me to have an understanding into my own body. Just as a diabetic should understand why he must monitor his blood sugar and why sweets and simple carbohydrates are a bad idea.

I believe my behavior is learned and also I craved booze to subdue a lot of my own stressors and anxieties- only to see they're more heightened. It's so complicated that I feel having everyone here explain their triggers seeks to help
Me define my own.
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