This has to be it.

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This has to be it.

This is it. I am terrified I am going to die soon, and alcohol is killing me. I just found out I have elevated liver tests from December Ė didnít get told at the time, and have been drinking ever since. I should be dead. I have to get help, I canít do this alone and have been trying for almost 20 years. Please help me make a plan?

I need a new life desperately. Thank you.
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I'm glad you have decided to stop drinking. It's a good idea to talk to your dr if you're concerned about withdrawals. It's also a good idea to get rid of any alcohol in your house.

This is our Sticky with information about various recovery programs:
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This is a great place to start. Read around a lot and post when you need to. Start by writing down why it is that you want to be sober. Write all the good things that alcohol has brought you and all the bad things that alcohol has brought you. Keep this list close. Then start designing a plan to stay sober. You can research AVRT, AA, SMART or other methods of recovery and start educating yourself. There have been lots of threads about what a plan is here lately. In a nutshell it is what you are going to do to stay sober. For example, part of my plan is posting here whenever I feel like I am letting my AV talk to me, or go for a walk if I crave. Your plan has to be completely tailored to yourself and you can tweak it until you find what works. Your decision and commitment to be sober is the first step but then you have to hit the ground running and start doing the work because your addictive voice will try to get you to drink again. It is not going to bealways easy but it will definitely be worth it.

Stay close to SR. There's support here24/7
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Welcome SeekingNewMe. Desperate times call for desperate measures...have you contacted your doctor since learning of the results? That would be your very first step in my opinion.

You can do this, and people can absolutely come back from this...but you will have to make it your absolute #1 priority over everything else in your life. Detox or rehab ( or both ) be necessary...make sure to consider those options. After you call your doctor, you may want to consider an AA meeting too - local support is going to be critical.
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Hi Seeking

Welcome! The human body is an amazing thing and definitely contact your doctor and be honest about your drinking. I was worried about being judged by my doctor but it was truly the best thing I've done (aside from deciding to stop!) as I was put in touch with a local addiction centre and given good resources.

Like Scott said, it will have to become your first priority. It'll be a new journey for you :-)
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Welcome to the Forum SeekingNewMe!!
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Feed your head
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Welcome SeekingNewMe
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Welcome to SR. Coming here is a great place to start. I also suggest going to your doctor for assistance in quitting. Be honest.

Keep coming back.
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Hi and welcome SeekingNewMe - tons of support sand ancouragement here

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