My first public statement to stop

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My first public statement to stop

I've decided to give up drinking. I keep thinking I can control how much I drink but it always gets out of hand. I end up binge drinking on my own at the weekends. It makes me act really stupid and crazy. I've never had problems with addiction but have a re-occurring problem where I binge drink and feel incredible shame afterwards then end up depressed. When I drink so much it just makes me look like an incredible idiot. I'm not in control of what I'm doing, it's like a form of insanity. I suffer five days of depression afterwards. After that the depression clears but I still have to go into work and struggle through the days. I put on a brave face but it's hell inside. I feel a kind of split life where my life is pretty good and I have lot of goods things in my life, but when I binge drink and end up depressed I just feel like such a low life loser, like I don't deserve to live. So this is the first ever public statement I've made as an intent to stop. I need to stop drinking alone at the weekends. I want to stop drinking completely. It's obviously a problem, I can't deny it anymore. Sometimes I can be ***** when I'm drunk. Mostly I'm just an idiot when I'm drunk. People probably just think I'm a idiot when they meet me when I'm that drunk. It's not the impression I want to create of myself anymore. I seem to have a problem with being really stupid and foolish with money when I'm drunk as well. I want to have a normal life like normal people from now on.
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Congrats, StevenH! Welcome to SR. It's good to have you with us.
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Welcome Steve

sounds like you're making a great decision

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Getting sober was the best decision I ever made. You can do it. You will find lots of support here.
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Great decision & welcome.
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Do you have a plan to stay stopped? It might help to plan your weekend ahead of time if that's when you usually do the majority of drinking. I find I have to get out the house. I can't let myself sit around even if I'm tired, otherwise the craving is more likely to get a hold.

I think it's a great decision for your health to stop :-)
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Welcome to SR Steven. Stick around, and post lots. You'll find your story is fairly common with people around these parts.
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Congratulation on a great decision and best of luck
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This step is a step into an unknown. That takes courage and I know from experience how scary it can be to face oneself in that way.

Well done.....

Beyond this step you have taken lies a challenging path, but one more deeply-rewarding and worthy than you can possibly imagine right now.

Keep on this path and you'll discover what life can truly be.
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Feed your head
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Welcome Steven
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Glad you're here, welcome!
You may have reached the end of the beginning!
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Welcome to the Forum Steve from a fellow guy from N.Ireland!!
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