Day 11.....

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Day 11.....

Hi everyone
Made it to day 11. I'm still feeling pretty tired most of the time, but I am sleeping very well. I went to church yesterday which is out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. Has anybody had increased stuttering while drinking and into recovery? If so does it get to be less in time? I still feel commited to my sobriety all the way. Thanks for listening....
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I stutter anyway but no I didn't notice it less, or worse, to be honest.

Give yourself time to heal tc - 11 days is great but it will probably take a little longer for things to sort themselves out
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Day 11 is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Day 11 for me too buddy! Keep it going!
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Do your best
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ive always had a problem with speech i had a lot of speech therapy etc growing up i still have trouble with certain words and i stutter sometimes

But it got a lot better in sobriety congrats on day 11 Tc4Eva
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I have noticed "stuttering" the first few days I sober up ... I think its just like your hands shaking but its the muscles in your throat making your voice shaky ... It normally only happened to me the first day or so after putting the bottle down
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