It has now been one year since I last had a drink.

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Well done!! Thanks for the encouraging post and congrats on a year!!
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[QUhhOTE=vf1891;5327943]On Easter 2014 I drank a bottle of red wine by myself. My sister in law was visiting and my wife was angry at me again. A day or so later I told my wife that I would not drink for

I had been of the habit of drinking 1 strong craft beer plus 4 or 5 big glasses of wine every night. My idea of a full pour was nearly to the rim of the wine glass. I never felt drunk from this. My wife said that I showed some impairment. Her main objection was that drinking made me unavailable to the family.

I felt some craving in my early withdrawl period and later when I was reminded of the good times of alcohol by advertising. I miss it less and less every day. The only alcohol I have had since them is a tiny drop when I take communion at church.

I got a different job in the same industry which I like quite a bit better. My earnings are a little higher and I feel the potential is much higher for the future.

My sixteen year old son seems to have less interest in trying alcohol now. Our relationship is better now. There are still issues as he still tests my will and patience as he is learning how to be an independent man.

My relationship with my wife is much better now. She tells me all the time how proud she is that I dont drink any more. Her sister has a much better opinion about me now also.

It has now been almost 20 years since I have smoked marijuana. Before I got married I had smoked daily for 20 years. That was a deal breaker for my wife at the time.

I have recently stopped drinking coffee. Somehow I have become overly sensitive to caffeine and can no longer tolerate much.

There is still much that I need to work on. I need to lose some weight and get more exercise. I need to work on staying calm and patient with my wife and son.

I still check back here every once in a while for inspiration and resolve. I hope everyone finds their own way to sobriety.[/QUOTE]
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Excellent post. It honestly made my day better. Congratulations on a year, and a very inspiring attitude, and your commitment to more improvement.
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Wow. What a great post. So direct - and an inspiration.
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Congrats on One Year, VF1891! That is awesome!
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