Sober vacation

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Sober vacation

I am on vacation in cancun right now and was dreading this trip early into the sober journey. I am 101 days sober today. I would usually be drunk the entire trip and would be sure to get my moneys worth with the all inclusive. I am here with my wife, a normal drinker, and she has been super supportive. I can't help but feel like I am on the outside with not drinking - I have had a few virgin piņa coladas in the spirit of a Mexican vacation. I have still had a lot of fun, but do miss the debauchery and comradery of drinkers at the pool bar. I guess I miss getting a little wild. But I am grateful at the same time to wake up with a clear head. Just some random thoughts as I sit on the beach watching the group next to me pour vodka drinks and clink glasses. There is no way I will drink tonight, but I do miss it today. Sober Recovery really helped In the dark/sad moments. It is good to know there are others out there and I am not alone.
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Good for you for getting through this. I hope you enjoy your time in Mexico.
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Great job on pushing through!! Have a great time!!
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Feed your head
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Mexico sounds lovely Pepsi awesome job on 101 days
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Learning to live again
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Pepsi, you are to be commended. You're doing this. I remember my first sober vacation - I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I did enjoy remembering everything though - and no hangovers or regrets. For awhile I felt that something was missing - but that feeling definitely faded as I grew to love my new life.
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Congratulations on 101 days. That's great. I've not been in a vacation in such a long time but I've thought to myself "how can I enjoy a vacation without a drink!" But I have come to the conclusion that it certainly be different but doable. Hang in there. Sounds as if it's your first sober vacation. Firsts of anything sober are sometimes melancholy but you sound like you're adjusting. Glad your wife is supportive.
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The vacations will get easier with the whole not drinking thing over time. You are still in your first year and going through a lot of your "firsts" and doing a fantastic job! Life really is much better sober....please stick with it and give yourself enough time to see this
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Thanks everyone. I am getting used the the "first" time not drinking with a lot of things. This site is such a great resource when I hear the AV. When it comes calling, i login here and find inspiration. My next "todo" is decline on a close friends bachelor party b/c I know I can't handle at this point. Kinda bummed about that, but it is what it is.
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Pepsi, I just finished my first vacation in the sun sober. I found it so easy to sit and romanticize the fun I thought I was missing. I saw a few guys in bad shape toward evening and being obnoxious more than a few times. That helped me remember the reality. I will say in was my toughest challenge, but when I got on the plane to go home I was actually truly relaxed and felt like I grew in my journey to become the person I want to be. You are missing nothing. Try to focus on the beauty of the beach, the quiet of the morning, the time to be alone. You got this dude. You will be so happy, trust me here.
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Thanks for the post, Pepsi.

I don't miss messing up in front of the hotel/resort staff, getting security called on me, etc.

My wife and I just completed a sober vacation to Amelia Island, Florida and had a delightful time.

Hang in there and enjoy yourself.
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I have discovered - it's over a year now - that I can get as wild and crazy as any drinkers at a party/club. I usually need a cup of coffee to get me going though.

Last time I was in cancun, I broke my back playing hurricane water polo... - I tried to take on a 300lb samoan dude...
wasn't worth it...
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