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New Here

Hello. I'm new here. I am two weeks clean from oxy. I'm not miserable anymore, however I can't sleep...and anxiety is horrible. I have no energy or desire to do anything. When will this go away?
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Welcome cort. I am not familiar with oxy, but WD from any drug takes a while. It does get better though, Congrats on 2 weeks sober! There are a lot of things that can aid sleep...exercise, adequate food and water, staying away from TV/computers before bed, meditation, etc. It wouldn't hurt to see a doctor too if you haven't since you quit, just to get an overall checkup.
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I don't know either, but I'm glad you posted. Scott's advice is excellent. And, have faith that you will feel better soon.
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Welcome Cort5tew
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Hi Cort,
Welcome and well done on kicking the Oxy. I am just over two weeks from kicking codeine too. I don't know how bad your addiction was - mine was a fairly mild one compared to some, but the withdrawal still wasn't pleasant - physical symptoms lasted about 10 days for me though the worst was in the first 4-5 days. Two weeks in and I feel pretty much back to normal. I think oxycodone's physical withdrawal symptoms may last for 3 weeks, sometimes even more, but this is only from my research when I was withdrawing. Others may know better than me. You should definitely go and see a doc if you're struggling, especially if it goes on any longer - no sense in risking anything unnecessarily. Agree with Scott - look at your lifestyle and smarten up other areas if you can - lots of other factor might be affecting your anxiety. My sleep isn't great come to think of it, but I've just given up the booze too so my body doesn't know whether it's coming or going!
One thing's for sure - you've done the right thing by quitting and you're well on the way to ridding yourself of the symptoms. Stick with it!
Best Wishes
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Welcome to the Forum Cort5tew!!
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Hi and welcome Cort5tew
Like Scott said I think is fairly common for withdrawal, regardless of the drug.

Things should get better with time but if you're finding it unbearable you could always consider seeing a Dr for a professional opinion?
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When I came off oxy & hydro it took my mind some time to heal. Depression, anxiety, and insomnia were lingering issues for at least 2 months. Give your brain chemistry some time to rebound to where it was before you started using. If you were using a long time, it may be a while. Or relief might be around the corner.

Just focus on taking care of yourself. Go for walks. Eat small meals. Take long, pointless drives with good music. In the evenings find relaxing games to play on the computer. Watch a bunch of stuff on Netflix. Just some ideas. I know early on it feels like time just crawls along. It will get better, I promise.
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