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Today I heard another sober alcoholic say that alcoholism/addiction is progressive...and so is sobriety.

Just thought I'd share...sobriety has had its ups & downs so far but if I charted it (like a stock or something, lol) it would have an overall gradual upward trend.

Good night SR & thanks for being here
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Knurdyone ,
Sure seems it to me when i read what happens to people here . Rather than my life having a 20 year bull run there seems to have been a succession of bear markets with lower lows and lower highs . Until i stopped .

Now it's successively higher troughs and higher peeks, my life is growing and paying dividends again rather than being a basket case

Take care, keep on

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Keep pushing through Knurdyone!!

For me both were true, my drinking spiralled to new lows, but Sobriety has shown me even greater heights!!
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The only way I know that I'm progressing is by looking backward. I do not see change on a daily basis but I know I'm not the person I was
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