Acction >>>> Reaction

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Post Acction >>>> Reaction

By changing our Conduct we can modify our Emotions.
Changing our feelings we change our thoughts.

Through the action we influence on what we feel!!!
Action >>>>>> Reaction
Produces hormonal and physiological changes.

I am depress, I do not want to do anything, sleep, see anybody, sit all day watching TV… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Then get up and do things that you like so you change your state of mood.
If you are sad > act as if you were cheerful!
If you are angry > by friendly and charming!!

Stop Repeating Useless Sentences in Your Head!!!
“I can not do it! I am not intelligent enough! I have no willingness! I am not strong”
Affects you emotionally and influence your live!

Negative Reinforcement >>>>>>>>>>> POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!!!

Why are the bad things true and the good things not real????
we have many false thoughts!!!
False until proven guilty!

Takes PRACTICE and REPETITION so we make our conduct something AUTOMATIC,
Changing habits, routines, customs >>>>>>>>>> feelings, beliefs, sensations

Hope this will help!
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That's a great post Aiko!!
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Nice to see you Aiko.
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