Give me strength.. Djing a party tonight

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Give me strength.. Djing a party tonight

Last time I dj'd I ended up drinking on my way to the event and as I was there. My main motivation now, besides not falling back into putting my mind & body through that struggle, is learning and experiencing this experience fully in my own self! My partner just came home with a few alcoholic drinks and she is going through same struggle. Drinks to feel comfortable around people and at my events. I know if I drink tonight it will be contributing to setting this cycle in stone forever. I will not drink tonight!!
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Does your partner know you're now a non drinker? as that's probably a good conversation to have.

For me separating the event from the drinking would be important, when I go to work I don't need to drink to do it, and keeping things professional would be the mindset I'd get myself into if I was in your position!!

Don't keep the never ending cycle going!!
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Do your best
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I DJ but i wouldnt DJ at a party where themain theme is wasted

I steer clear of pubs & clubs not out of fear not at all its the environment that is dominated by drugs & alcohol
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Originally Posted by soberwolf View Post
I DJ but i wouldnt DJ at a party where themain theme is wasted

I steer clear of pubs & clubs not out of fear not at all its the environment that is dominated by drugs & alcohol
+1 on what soberwolf said.

You are newly sober. I hope you make it through okay. I hope make it through and don't consider it a victory and then drink or drug over it.

And if you don't...God forbid, take a hard look at places you put yourself in, and the people you surround yourself with and ask, "does what I'm doing support my recovery, or contribute to my struggles?"

Good luck.
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I hope it's going ok Charles.
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thanks you guys! There's no excuses to anything you guys put out, it's actually all true and something that hits deep within. I love my true love and love my life and what god has presented me a opportunity to have. I will not drink orr smoke you guys! Love you guys!!
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Yes!!! Last night in my humble opinion was an success!! Before hand I spent tons of time on here reading different posts and exploring the different divisions and selections of forums on here.

There are tons!
The marijuana forum definitely hit home for me! As much as I drink, I found a lot more comfort and ease in smoking weed everyday. Weed was the must.

Anyway, I stayed on here and listened to my favorite radio station as a young preteen. It's weird how smoking (and I guess life period) can alter your music taste. I always felt annoyed because anytime I would go back to the station they'd be playing new music which I didn't care for as much as the 2003/2004 selections of hits going on. But I loved listening last night, and even made a youtube playlist with all the songs I heard to create new memories and love for this station!
Then about a hour before the DJ set, I started watching old childhood game shows with my partner (nickelodeon's Figure It Out.. Slime Time). She was drinking and it put me at ease, because even at that point I knew I wanted to go there sober and face the fears of actually putting in the work.

We called for a Uber as I put my last few songs and selections on my laptop for the gig. As soon as we got out the Uber it felt like there were TONS of people outside waiting to get in. I got a little nervous. I brought my Japa prayer beads, and were caressing them quite intensely. My partner stopped to smoke weed, and I actually loved it. I saw we're all human and she was JUST as nervous as I was and it gave me strength. To stay sober and knock out the show with her by my side to prove to the world even that things will be OK and just fine without HAVING to drink or smoke. This is my first DJ set by myself mind you.

We get in and there's a packed house already jamming to music that a friend of mines was playing. It was cool to be doing the things that familiar faces I've been seeing in the scene for a while now do professionally. The person who was running the show offered to buy us drinks, and my partner agreed and I came with her upstairs to the bar. Upstairs I run into 3 people I know, two that I went to high school with! It was crazy, I felt a sense of relief and a little anxiety knowing that people I knew were there. Like knew knew not just through music. One of them were smoking weed and my partner smoked with them but ended up turning down the free drink offer! She wanted wine instead of hard liquor. She also had been to the venue we were at a few times, this was my first. My time to DJ was coming so we went down stairs and set up. The nervousness came. We danced during the final minutes before my set time and I felt it rising. Soon it was time, I set my laptop up and scrolled through songs to start it. She made a suggestion for the starting feel of the set, I agreed and we set the party going!

I saw a few nodding heads, but also starting to clear out. Instead of getting down on myself, I switched to a song I really liked and people instantly started pointing me out and having fun. It was good times from then on out!! Until' the music stopped maybe 10 songs deep. My partner was pretty drunk already and sitting by wires dancing, so I instantly thought she did something. Played it cool tho! Went and found the technician and he didn't know much to do. Also went and got another drink for my partner in the midst of looking for him. Learned it was pretty easy to just say no (like the D.A.R.E ads!). Found the technician and he didn't know WHAT happened. Soon he wiggled one of the wires and music got loud again. One of the wires were a little janky and required a little wiggling and holding on to in order to play at full volume. Not even my partner's fault, the wire was in that condition, unknown to us, before we even showed up.
From then to the end of the show it was going in! I was scheduled to do a 30 minute set and ended up playing from 11:15pm to 2:05am!!!!! And got paid!! And made so many friends in mix! All type of characters came up to dap me up, even my school friends from high school were dancing uncontrollably. It was one the best nights of my life to be honest with you guys. I faced MANY fears that night, and didn't succumb to drinking OR smoking!! Even with much of the music being the same songs that fueled my drug addiction in it's prime. God is good, is all I can truly say, because I def kept my faith in something higher than my OWN will. Last night was a result of human compassion and love! I really thank you guys, I do not think I could have done that alone!

I have another show thursday, and i'm also performing besides rapping. Fasting today, because all of my over eating I've been doing, and I have work tomorrow. Don't want to feel like poop with bad digestion. Thank every single one of you for one of the funnest nights i've ever had! Sober Recovery is the best!!!
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Glad to hear it went so well, CharlesG.
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