This is odd

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This is odd

In my newly found sobriety, I feel like my personality has changed...for the better! I have never been a very outgoing person and when I drank I had a false bravado and liquid courage. So after quitting, I thought I would revert to the same introverted soul I once was. But I find that I have become much more friendly and outgoing. I am far from a social butterfly, but I feel more "settled in my skin" and not so fearful.

Anyone else have this happen to them?
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Same here! And my sense of humor came back ten fold....whether that is a good thing is still up for debate.
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Good stuff Art
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Yes, I definitely felt more comfortable in my own skin, for the first time in my life. Recovery is awesome!
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Recovery rocks in so many ways. The realization that we are good, fine and worthwhile just the way we ARE is just the beginning!!!!!
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Yeap, Sobriety just keeps on giving!!
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I find this too.. Was out the other night, those not drinking at the table and those that had one drink (will never be me) were a pleasure to be around. I caught myself laughing out loud, having good conversation and fun.

The few that were drinking (glass after glass after glass) ... Surly after a while , repeating themselves and slurring....

Knowing when it's time to go home, driving home in the dark sober - a rush!!
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Yes - I had it happen too ArtFriend. It was the last thing I was expecting. I thought alcohol was helping me to be more relaxed, but I sort of withdrew as I grew more dependent on it. It feels great to be part of the human race once again.

Good discussion - thanks AF.
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