yesterday in court..

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yesterday in court..

After 2 years of absolute hell..I was given a 5 month suspended sentence!! Can't believe I got to come home. So pleased. Thanks for all ur prayers..and no, I haven't had a drink! Xx
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I'm glad it all worked out angel!
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Good news!
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That's great!! You get a second chance.
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I'm glad you did not have that drink to celebrate. We will get better staying sober, it’s been proven.

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So happy for you, Angel!
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Congratulations. You have been given a second chance. Use it wisely.
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This is wonderful news! Congratulations both on the court results and staying sober. This IS a good thing!
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Nice! You deserved the break.
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Fantastic news!!

Make this your turning point, draw a line under alcohol and keep moving forward!!
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Feed your head
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So happy for you Angel i remember how worried you were
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Great news. Now there is nothing holding you back from starting your recovery journey.
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I'm glad that you got through the court stress and that things worked out.
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Thats great!!!

So does that mean its all over?
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So happy for you Angel ... ((((( massive hugz )))))
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I'm glad it worked out angel

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Learning to live again
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I know just how you feel Angel - hell is the right word. I can't imagine how relieved you are - very happy for you.
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Good to hear that worked out!
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