Fresh Starts

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Fresh Starts

I have in front of me a very unique & exciting opportunity. We recently moved into a very social, tight-knit neighborhood with the most active HOA I've ever seen. It is truly one of a kind. There are constant social activities and get togethers.

Today we'll be attending our first one as a family - a crawfish boil. I'm excited about this for the obvious reasons (meeting new neighbors, being outside on a beautiful day, our entire family having the same social calendar for one whole day just to name a few). The reason I'm most excited about; however, is that my neighbors get to meet & know me as a sober person. I get a fresh start in the truest since of the word. There won't be any whispers or raised eyebrows about how many visits I make to the keg. No one will notice how loud & sloppy I am after several beers. My family won't have to worry about what I'm revealing about our personal lives to complete strangers. Nope. Not happening today.

Today I'm Heartsafire. The new neighbor who happens to not drink. Just like I don't like crawfish, I don't like to drink. Instead I prefer (& will enjoy) a hamburger & a coke. Not drinking is not the be all end all of who I am - just a very small part of me. Today I get to (and will) show my neighbors that with pride & confidence.

Eight months of sobriety has afforded me freedoms I'm still discovering daily.

And I'm on my knees with gratitude.
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I love this! Fresh starts, those are nice.

Enjoy your day.
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What an amazing moment for you. I am so glad to feel the happiness in your post. You are so right that sobriety brings so many positive things that we didn't even think about before.

Have a great time!!!
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Hearts -- I am so happy to read this.

I think you hit on something important: As our sobriety deepens, it opens the door to letting us be our full selves. Your new neighbors are going to meet a woman coming into her own. And she's terrific!

And thank you for sharing your observations. From time to time, we see people posting that it gets depressing here. Well, it can. But for newcomers to see what a metamorphosis awaits them shows that there is a whole other dimension to this journey. We can, as you wrote, live in the 'freedoms I'm still discovering daily.' It is all possible!

Have a great time! (Oh, and about the crawfish. Dang -- love 'em. Could you teleport me to this picnic?!)

Thank you for being a good friend to so many here.
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I LOVE this post, Hearts. I'm so pleased for you and inspired :-)
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You totally rock, Hearts!!!!!
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Sounds like a wonderful day , enjoy, and btw You Rock!
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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You go girl ! Proud of you. Enjoy your clean slate.
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Great post. Enjoy your time with your family and neighbors.
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Love it Have a great day, hope you make lots of nice friends in your new community!
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learning to live
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Looks like God & your sobriety is leading you to all kinds of good stuff!

Have fun, friend. You deserve the best of every single thing this world has to offer!

Your new neighborhood is lucky to have you!!!!
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Heartsafire, this sounds like such a good opportunity to start over. I'm so glad you are not allowing alcoholism to define who you are.
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What a nice post. Have fun!
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Fantastic post!!
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Do your best
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Your awesome Hearts
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So happy for you! Have fun.
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How fantastic! And how fantastic that the possibilities of new beginnings are what you see, rather than the anxiety of a social situation where alcohol might be around.

You are an amazing and inspiring person, heartsafire. I'm so grateful to you for sharing your insights and your journey with me and the rest of us on SR.

Have a wonderful day!
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Great stuff HAF

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Have a great day...

And happy New Life

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voices ca**y
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Look at you go! Enjoy your newfound freedom Hearts.
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