My Comet Cleanser Addiction

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My Comet Cleanser Addiction

I would like to start off by saying my name is Shey. I am a 28 yr old mother of 3 and i am currently pregnant now. I have been addicted to EATING comet for over 5 years now. I have had 3 pregnancies since my addiction, and when i become pregnant my ADDICTION GETS WORST. I crave the SMELL, FEEL, TASTE AND ALL.. even when i eat so much that my tongue and mouth becomes RAW, i still eat it, and just deal with the Burning sensation from the comet making my mouth raw-like. I need help. This is the FIRST time i have actually tried to get help, mainly because i am so ashamed of this addiction, but now that i see that there are a lot others like me, it makes me want to share my story just to see if there is anyone else exactly like me. And to my surprise THERE IS... MY children are starting to ask for it also. I have to sneak and eat it when my husband isnt around, because its gotten so bad that he wont allow me to have it in the house. So i will sneak and buy it, and hide it in medicine bottles and lock it up in my lock box so he wont know. My teeth have fallen out, broken up, and rotted because i eat so much comet over the years... I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO, JUST TALKING ABOUT IT NOW, I HAVE A MEDICINE BOTTLE ON THE SIDE OF MY BED AND I AM STOPPING EVERY FEW MINUTES TO SPRINKLE SOME INTO MY HAND AND EASE MY CRAVING.... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.. ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE ..
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Do your best
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Welcome Me&myroses its nice to meet you
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Welcome to SR. I have heard of the addiction you speak of but I am not familiar, alcohol was my drug of choice. It sounds to me like you should see a doctor about this, I would have to guess that it isn't healthy to eat.
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hi meandmyroses

you'll find a lot of understanding and support here - addiction is addiction.

I think going to a Dr is a good idea - I know you feel ashamed but please don't let that stop you from seeking help.

you are worth it

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Hi and welcome to SR. I've heard of eating Comet. Since it gets worse when you're pregnant, have you ever been checked for an iron deficiency? It sounds like it might be pica related.

If you haven't talked to your doctor, please do and stick around here for support.
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I was going to ask about Pica as well. I crave ice constantly when I am anemic.
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Welcome to the Forum Shey!!
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I would like to say thanks to everyone who shared on my post. I really appreciate the warm welcomes and the love. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT TO ME AT ANY TIME.. PLEASE HELP, I NEED THE ADVICE!!
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What exactly do i say to my doctor???
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What exactly do i say to my doctor ruby2?
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My suggestion is to tell your dr about your addiction. He will likely want to run tests to check different levels....mainly iron I would imagine. I really hope you'll be honest with him...I promise he's heard it all and he won't judge you.

Glad you're here!
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Just tell him what you have told us, Shey, and as Brynn said, he has no doubt heard it all. You do need help dear, so reach out.. its time
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Welcome to SR!!

I agree with the others - do please talk to your doctor and just tell him/her what you've told us, especially that the cravings increase when you are pregnant.

I did a little research and it seems that many women crave this when they are pregnant and it can be related to iron.

I used to be a nurse, lost that career to addiction. I learned, however, that a doctor can't help you if they don't know all the details. Though reaching out for help seems hard, it's actually a sign of strength.

Hugs and prayers,

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I couldn't get your post out of my head, Roses. I feel so sorry for you! Besides pica, I also read other people's stories and they mention that the cleanser addiction followed trauma. Just something to look into.

I also wouldn't be too sure that it doesn't make you high, and I don't mean the chemicals may make you high. For instance, porn addicts, gamblers, compulsive shoppers, food addicts have a release of norepinephrine and/or dopamine when they 'use.' Hang in there, roses. I felt so bad for you last night and wished we could offer more in terms of experience. I have an embarrassing alcohol addiction and it helps me to talk to other alcoholics versus drug addicts. However, addiction is addiction and we can all relate to that.

Stay on board with us. This is a great place to start healing.
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