I am happy tonight

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I am happy tonight

Boston Market used to have a perfect meatloaf and mashed potatoes frozen dinner. I ate them regularly and always stocked up when they were on sale.

Then they changed the gravy recipe. They went from a brown, meaty gravy to some tomatoey, tasted like ketchup abomination. I wrote them. Obviously, a whole lot of people wrote them. We're back to brown, meaty gravy on our meatloaf.

And they were 2 for 1 at the grocery today. I'm gonna stock the freezer.

What's this doing here? Well, never let changes in the world that are out of your control get you down. You'll face plenty of them. Sometimes, they fix themselves. And those are some of the best days. Patience, not panic.
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Exellent post Trachs
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What a cool post.
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The only thing better than meatloaf is leftover meatloaf sandwiches ( with ketchup and horseradish )
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Oh, man! Now I'm hungry...
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Thumbs up

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Consumer power in action right there Trachs!!
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