Lost in the alcohol jungle

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Lost in the alcohol jungle

Instead of alcohol I do a lot of escape reading since i found that alcohol is no escape but just digs the hole deeper. I like jungles. Treks through Brazil’s Mato Grosso or Honduras looking for lost cities- that sort of thing. Dealing with snakes, fire ants, piranhas, jaguars (resting on tree limbs and aiming for your back). A nightmare, actually. Just like alcohol, except that with alcohol it’s worse, because it’s all in your brain. The jaguar is there, the famous “Beast” in your “lizard brain”. And your gradually or rapidly weakening cerebellum is like a lost explorer, on what seems a hopeless and often frantic attempt to escape, with the “beast” watching all the time. Sleepless nights. Slippery slopes.
So what to do? Try to get to a village. Get help. If it’s a desert, join a caravan. Rest in an alcohol free oasis. Listen to some of the natives. They have some sayings as old as time: “Go with the Flow”, “If it won’t change, don’t try to change it”, “Easy Does It”, “Don’t try to be perfect”, “One thing at a time, one day at a time, one minute at a time” (“By trying to do everything, nothing gets done!”). Moderation is everything (“But for alcoholics there is no “moderation”) And above all, watch your back! Watch for the Beast!
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Do your best
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Thank you WpainterW
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Spot on, wpainterw. Thank you for the wise words.
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Sounds like Experience me.

Thank you WpainterW.

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Great post wpainterw!!
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