Telling FB im one year sober??

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Telling FB im one year sober??

I am considering a statement on Facebook when my one year comes up. Here are my reasons:
1. Accountability ( it's known I don't drink and could help me stay sober)
2. Could be a resource to a few FB friends who may consider sobriety. I knew only one person in recovery when I started my journey.
3. Could inspire others
4. Would get positive feedback

Could be judgement
If I ever relapsed everyone would know that was not vomiting to sobriety. Assuming this was a public event.
My boss already knows so not really too worried about work but I am a social worker and I help others. Could be considered a weakness.
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I'd recommend against it. Facebook, while it does have some usefulness, is largely about gossip and vanity. I'm not saying you are vain, but many people use it as a way to judge others. Addiction is a persona issue to me and I prefer to deal with it privately, although my immediate family is aware and supportive.

To be frank, I personally disabled my FB account about 3 years ago. I haven't missed it a bit.
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I agree with Scott. I disabled my FB account a few years ago and am very happy to have done so.
Post here on your one year with like minded folk and let us celebrate with you!
IMO FB is for fluff and sobriety is anything but.
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i would recommend against it too.
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I wouldn't. I tell the people I want to know. There is still a lot of bias against alcoholics and you never know how people will use the information.

In my case just about everyone that knows me personally knows of my problems with alcohol but professionally I just do not see that it is any of their business
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Posting on Facebook is telling the world. If in the future you are applying for employment and as many employers now do your potential employer reads a past Facebook posting and has little or no understanding of alcoholism except "all things being equal, why take the risk and hire someone with a history of alcoholism?"

You will never know the ramifications of your public pronouncement. That hypothetical can happen and you will never be told that it did as an employer won't share it with you they just won't hire you. A potential friendship or romantic connection may never take place for the same reason.

Just my thoughts.

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I read recently that 93% of all US HR departments research social media accounts of job applicants. Zounds!
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I thought long and hard about this as well, but decided against it - mainly for the reasons cited above. Once its out there, its out there.
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I work in the high tech industry in the Silicon Valley. I never post on FB or Linkedin (although I have minimal profiles on both sites w/security settings set to high). I routinely scrub my information from Google from websites that sell personal home addresses, etc. Bottom line is: Whatever you post on social media or anywhere else on the internet, it's FOREVER. Read the FB terms of service, they own your photos and data, once you accept.
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I seriously ask you to reconsider posting it here i think the unanimous vote is dont post it

I deleted my fb
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Originally Posted by Leshar View Post
I agree with Scott. I disabled my FB account a few years ago and am very happy to have done so.
Post here on your one year with like minded folk and let us celebrate with you!
IMO FB is for fluff and sobriety is anything but.
Same here

I checked back in the other day to check a private message and scanned my wall. Nothing of importance at all.

Waste of time IMO.
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No, don't do it.

If you were job hunting in the future, for whatever reason, it would right there for every potential employer to see.

Keep it personal and private.
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I thought about this too. And I'm with Anna on this one. I am in the process of a major career change and I don't want potential employers knowing this. It IS exciting and it's hard not to want to tell the world how good you feel and how much better you are doing. But look at how drunks and alcoholics are portrayed in movies. My guess is that is how a lot of "normal" people view alcoholics, recovering or not.

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Do what you feel, we do all pass one day. I tried making a sobriety facebook page, but ended up using a little over a week later.. I support you!
I think it wouldn't make a difference if you just told people who you are in contact every day rather than a full bodied facebook post. I'm coming down off my facebook/twitter addiction of telling them everything. Sticking to like minded company in general more nowadays. While it is I feel a duty of mines to spread the knowledge of god, and realizing sobriety is apart of that. I'd say decide for your self and then learn what works best for you!
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Nope. You don't need to put your business out there, good or bad. I use my FB account strictly for business.
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For me I kept my successes in Sobriety to the people that would understand, people here on SR, everyone else don't need to even know I had a problem with alcohol!!

I'm now a non drinker, and that's that!!
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You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for your replies. I agree I will not be doing this. I had not thought through it well thanks.
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I have to agree with everyone on here. Just say no to FB.
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I think anyone who listens to the sound advice of other sober people has a VERY good chance of making it another year.

Congrats on your sober time!
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