Why can't i quit?

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Need, so sorry you are having a rough time. We understand how you feel, the desperation and everything else that goes along with it. Be kind to yourself today. As long as you are still alive, there is hope. Will you commit to drinking no more just for today?
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Originally Posted by needabetterlife View Post
I want to stop drinking but I can't for more than a few days at a time.
Poppycock. You just haven't yet.

Change is hard, but change is possible. Therefore, hope is reasonable.

Find your path.
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Need, I've been where you are......I was there Thursday night. But you can beat this! You made the first move by posting here and reaching out for help. Just read through the awesome responses to my cry for help. These folks have left a ton of experience and council on this thread. There are links for recovery stories, hints to help with your recovery, links to plans for recovery, encouragement and understanding. And strength! People here believe in you and believe in your ability to overcome this addiction. Im working on my recovery plan tonight and Im working on planning my day for tomorrow. Join me in these first steps. You can do thiswe can do this!!!!
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Thank you all. I've spent a lot of time today on line reviewing the links and getting details for my recovery plan. I got the binder and tabs for it. I think having something tangible to hold and read will help me use the tool.

I went to an AA meeting tonight and have another one scheduled for in the morning. And I got names of other women to call!! I'll begin implementing the calls tomorrow.

I was able to schedule an appointment with an addiction therapist for next Tuesday.

No drinking today!!!! Yea!!! I feel good tonight. I feel positive and strong.

Thanks again to you all for your encouragement and support.
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I'm still on the right path but today (Sunday) is scary as this is normally a day where I find I want to hide and go numb. I think this was triggered due to work issues that came up today. I had some calls for problems and on top of that I'm preparing for a phone call from a new manager tomorrow (that I just found out about yesterday). I was fine until I started prepping for the call with my BF's help. Then I started feeling the anxiety start creeping up so I walked away for a while and came to SR.

I went to my AA meeting this morning (so glad I did that!).

I'm working on my Prevention and Recovery plan note book.

Yesterday I called 4 ladies on my contact list. I wasn't able to reach anyone but did reach out and left messages.

I won't be drinking tonight; I promise MYSELF that! This will be day 4 of being sober!

Thanks for listening and your continuing support.
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Keep pushing through Labgirl!! You can do this!!
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Keep it up labgirl! One of the things that may help motivate you is knowing you'll be sober and on top of your game when getting the call from the new manager tomorrow.
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