Dealing with death in recovery.

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Dealing with death in recovery.

So i'm proud to say...I'm entering my 101st consecutive sober day.

And the sad part is...I'm totally 100% despondent and down today. I attended the funeral of one of the first friends i made in the rooms of AA yesterday.

He was the same age as me...Born in 1981. He was 6 months sober and doing very well when i first met and started talking to him in AA.

One could say i was drawn to him. I wanted what he had.

Sadly in the long run...It was not meant to be for him. He fell into the trap of addiction once more...And his body simply couldn't take another trip in the *Wringer*

I took the day off work today...Because well...I don't know. I feel quite numb to this whole thing to be honest.

Seeing his brother and grandmother and father...Etc...All yesterday really brought it right back to the FRONT of my mind.

I easily could have been him...I was lucky not to have killed myself the last few times i *attempted* to drink.

Today i have the answer...I think. It's quite simply acceptance.

Acceptance to MYSELF that i am not a normal drinker. If i drink alcohol i put myself and others in harms way. Whether i intend to or not...Is not my choice.

I have lost control of my drinking. And that's all there is to it. If i want to remain sane and whole in this world...I can't drink.

Lord know i fought against accepting it for a long time...Years...But i realize now...It's simply not worth it.

I'm sure my friend didn't have an immediate death wish...He didn't think picking up the drink/drug would kill him this time.

But it did. And we had to put him in the ground as a result of it yesterday.

Rest in Peace my friend Paul. We'll miss you.
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Sorry for your loss, addiction is a truely terrible thing and these boards are littered with stories about lives it has claimed. Hope you hold it together and feel better soon.
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My son was an addict and alcoholic, who relapsed one last time last summer and passed away from an overdose of vicodin and oxycontin. He too was born in 1981. Way too young to die.

My son's death sent me spiraling on a fast track to hell with a bottle. He wouldn't never wanted to see me in that condition. His death gave me the courage to quit alcohol, once and for all.
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Do your best
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RIP paul (((Finding))) the short answer is its sucks when things like this happen

This happened to me in my first week or 2nd week it kept making me realise how real this is ive lost a lot ppl in recovery via alcoholism, suicide and cancer

1 had 25 years of sobriety & didnt even realise i was alcoholic

It hurts there is no question of that but today i live for them if that makes sense

Shows how cruel alcoholism can be i send condolences to you & Paul's family

Congrats on 101 days of sobriety Finding stick close to SR ((()))
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Do your best
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Rest in Peace, Paul.

I'm very sorry for your loss, but like you I am grateful, very grateful for where I am.
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I'm sorry for your loss, but glad you've got 101 days sober!
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Originally Posted by soberwolf View Post
Thanks SW.

Findingtheway: I'm so sorry for your loss! Congrats on 101 days. Death will do strange things to us, sometimes for the good.
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Very sorry for both your losses!!
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I'm sorry for your loss Finding.

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