Sober Weekender Thread April 16 until...

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Nonsensical, I did very similar things and when I first read that I actually though 'sure, makes sense' I'm only 3 weeks sober so I guess I'm still stuck in that crazy thinking!! At least I can step outside of that and see that logically it's insane. But yes, totally relate

Actually it made me think, the last time I drank was in a public park, I had an hour that my family thought I was at the doctors and so I skulled a bottle of baileys-type drink of 8 or 9 standard drinks, then went back to the bottle shop and got another. Got half way through that before some kind strangers helped me out.
My point is, at the time that seemed perfectly logical to me because I knew I couldn't sneak alcohol home at that stage so if I drank enough quickly enough, I thought it'd last a few hours until bed time
That seems so dangerous and insane to me now, thank god. But our logic when we're drinking is not so good...

And despite how horrific that really is, it didn't really concern me at the time either, not even sober the next morning, I didn't think my alcoholism was progressing, I actually thought i was being quite clever
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Anyway, hope you're all having a nice sober weekend and that the people struggling are feeling better today

It's Sunday night here and I'm struggling with having to deal with someone very negative and manipulative, but sticking close here reading all I can and keeping my mind away for booze
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Morning sober team!

I am feeling better this morning. Hope you are all well! Thanks for the well wishes.

Did some planting this morning. Making two ivy topiary. Think they will be a nice green addition to my balcony this summer.

Lots to catch up on the thread. So let me get to some reading.

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A simple guy making his way
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How about a ...

sunday roll call!!!

See how people are doing? Are you on your sober bikes riding with the sun on your face today? If not what's stopping you?
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Good to hear that Weasel, I hope you are feeling better as well today Della.

Just found a shop selling Thomas Pink shirts in a Sale.
Wish I was half a collar size smaller, I would have a lot more choice.

Any shop who plays Curtis Mayfield (Back to the World) gets my custom
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I am here. Time has been limited, so I've only been able to pop in here and there.

I'm glad you got to be the main catalyst in making your mom's birthday wonderful, Tetra!
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Originally Posted by immri View Post
I didn't think my alcoholism was progressing, I actually thought i was being quite clever
Indeed. Clever is the word I would use. In my sick thinking I was solving a problem in a clever manner. Somehow it never occurred to me that I was solving the wrong problem.

That was then, this is now. I am pedaling my sober bike this weekend with the sun in my face. Beautiful visual, Lord Weasel.

My right arm is quite sore today from working my 4-stroke weed whip yesterday. (There's a ribald pun in that sentence, but we'll leave that be for now )
This is a bad omen as I was using it just 20 hours ago and peak soreness usually takes about 40 hours to set in. O Motrin, where art thou?
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Hi Gang. Glad you're feeling better and sober. As I sit in a conference room, this particular lecture is boring and brings to mind the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons. Yall remember that?
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Good morning! I'm here and sober. I'm glad you are feeling better Weasel.

I was going to do yard work today. No weed whipper here though. But, clouds are rolling in and rain is predicted. So I'm probably going to catch up on the mountain of laundry that needs folding. After church.

If you're struggling, please stick with sobriety and your plans. Non, I liked what you posted. Immri, well done on three weeks. That's great.

Time to eat breakfast. I think some raisin toast with almond butter and some yogurt.
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wow- nons, I know exactly what you were talking about - imagine finding glasses stashed mixed within the water glasses in the cupboard by the kitchen sink a few days later, hmmmm
slept in, heard garage door open, got orders to take car to gym and get gas...

so off to gym - late, and spend rest of day finishing up bundling branches, pulling weeds and performing the weed whacker ballet...

a lot of people did not know how good Glen Campbell was on guitar - he was the man
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Hi everyone. ..happy Sunday morning.
Weasel, I'm glad to hear that you are having a good day.
Ruby, I just had a delicious cinnamon raisin English muffin.
Time to get ready for a dog walk...I'm going a minimum of 3miles, 4 would be better.
Then...Volunteer work this afternoon with a 7 year old. We will find something fun to do.
I love my weekends. My AV tries to tempt me but when I think it through, I conclude that I don't want to mess up these happy days.
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Good morning sober Enders!!
Here! Sober!

I spent all day at the beach yesterday and had a wanking good time!!!
Got lots and lots of rocks and beach glass.
I've got a whole lot of puttering planned for today. I may or may not get anything done.
Another cup of coffee is necessary before I get started.

I hope everyone is well today!
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Struggling but sober. Here to be accountable. Thanks for this thread.
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That bell or bike person
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hi Leshar

good to have you along
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I'm here and sober. Haven't really been able to keep up with all the weekend shenanigans, but wanted to check in.
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
How about a ...

sunday roll call!!!
All is well in my world. The last 3-4 days have found me vetting the AA 12 steps. Spending a ton of time online doing research. Still going to meetings as I enjoy being around people rather than isolating. Hitting my home group at 5:30 EST later. I always try to share at meetings, but today I may muster the courage to ask around to see if there are any atheists who are willing to be a sponsor.
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I'm here and sober today. Sorry to hear that some of you have been down and out. I still get really depressed some days and know a lot of it is PAWS. When it happens I just think to myself, "This will pass and the depression will be worse if I drink."

I'll be moving to a new town in two weeks and am a little worried about my sobriety. I'm a guy that does not adapt well to change and I have my guard up if my AV starts. I'll definitely need to be on here during that time.

Have a great day everyone!
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Do your best
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Roll call: im here weasel tired legs like jelly but im here
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Originally Posted by Nonsensical View Post
What struck me last night when this memory wandered into my head was that it never occurred to me while I was planning ways to drink more without getting caught or pre-positioning my hidden shots that this indicated I had a big problem with alcohol. I mean, I knew I had a problem with alcohol, but this seemed like no big deal. It didn't seem at all like the problem had grown or was getting worse. I knew if people knew how much I was drinking they would think it was a problem. I knew if I got caught sneaking extra booze people would think it was a problem. I didn't stop to think they would be right - and that I needed to deal with it.

I think any sane person would read that story and conclude these are the actions of someone with a big problem. Yet while I lived it there was no sense of it whatsoever. It is amazing how deep and powerful the denial and self-delusion can be.

I am quite happy to be back amongst the sane, and to be riding the sober bus again this weekend.

Be well all!
Yeah, it was as though I were playing a video game with hidden treasures all along my path, and only I knew where they were.

Virtually everything I did while I was drinking -- lying, making excuses for either being drunk or hungover, being chronically late for work, missing scheduled events and other responsibilities, hiding pints of vodka from my XGF, sometimes in plain sight, once and inadvertently in her coat pocket -- were all in the service of maintaining my drinking. I was rarely without vodka, and with backups and backups for my backups. The times that I miscalculated, usually because I drank much more than intended, I had to improvise with either beer from the bodega or sip vodka at a local diner that served booze late at night or early in the morning.

My only thoughts about all this were along the lines of the fact that I'm an alcoholic, I have no intention of quitting, and therefore I needed to prioritize my ability to stay drunk. Nothing else mattered, so everything else was ultimately lost.

Now, I no longer do things that would place me in a position to either lie of make excuses. It never even occurs to me to do something like that.
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