Sober Weekender Thread April 16 until...

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Della, I'm sorry you're sad. Sometimes maybe crying is the best way. Especially if you don't feel like talking. I used to isolate like that. Anything in particular that's sad or just in general?

Mec, very pretty picture. Thank you! The Mec-mobile in the foreground?

We just finished dinner and I ate too much and finished with too many peanut butter cookies. Mom makes the best. The older than me adults are playing mah jongg. For money. I don't know how to. Not a big game player.

I'm going to have to Google bog snorkeling now Behan.
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Ok. Go figure that bog snorkeling started as a result of over the bar discussion between regulars in a pub in Wales.
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Thanks Ruby I will be fine this is just not like me. I am really missing my ex lately. Maybe it's hearing all the motorcycles. I think too I am just overtired from traveling. I pushed myself to finish painting today and maybe I should have just taken it easy.
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Hello all, just wanted to check in and say that I'm sober today, day 2 for me. I had a long, stressful day in my feet at work, and the thought of a drink was dancing around in my head by the end of it. But, instead I stopped on the way home and treated myself to few little things- just a new shirt, some body scrub and a few other small things. It was stuff I actually really need, money not spent on booze.

Came home, started laundry, took a hot shower using my new bath products, and made myself a healthy dinner.

Plan for tomorrow- exercise? If I get up early enough, work, eat, then attend an aa beginners meeting that I've been to before and enjoyed.

Trying to keep things as simple as possible. Hope you all are having a peaceful night
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I try and get myself a little treat often myself. Enjoy
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I think you may be on to something, had a big week, being away from home and then must be exhausted! Get some rest and be easy on yourself. Tomorrow is another day. ..
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Originally Posted by SoberRunner View Post
Hi All, I'm committing to my first sober weekend--who knows how long it's been since I haven't had a drop of alcohol on a Fri, Sat, or Sun but count me in!
The weekend is SO LONG when you don't wake up with a hangover on Sat morning!! I feel like it's Sunday but it's barely 6pm Saturday evening.
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You will find so many things to fill the time!
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after the third page of posts I forgot what I wanted to comment on...

oh Tetra -- it's not a serial killer you should be worried about, it's the big bad wolf!

Seems like a few are going the seasonal change or something. Go to sleep sober and wake up refreshed and renewed tomorrow.
hope everyone is managing okay. I got caught up in pulling weeds and miscellaneous yard stuff. I need a truck full of help, plus supplies. I neglected a lot last year because of the financial situation. But as was pointed out by behan, I can be content with little.
The wife on the other hand........... ooooowwwwwuuuuuu!

hey della, you get that bike or what?

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Everyone please enjoy your weekend, rootin for ya.
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Originally Posted by Della1968 View Post
You will find so many things to fill the time!
Very true! I've already finished everything I usually do on Sunday so now, I'll actually be able to relax tomorrow.
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That bell or bike person
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Morning everyone ,

Different day today i hope the sadness that was around last evening has blown away .. if it hasn't then it will shift , change is a constant friend now i have sobriety … Stuckness was part of drinking .

The sun is peeping round the clouds here , birds are singing and the trees have small leaves and buds springing fourth .. the world is waking up and smells green and fresh like a morning in england should .

Time to throw the windows wide and let the day in , put coffee on .

A new day on this Technicolor planet of ours , what you going to make of it ?

Bestwishes, m
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It's lovely here in sunny Devon this morning. Still some sadness around for me (have it around quite a lot at the moment). I have some work I need to get on with today...and see a client later but for now I am gonna find out how to work my new nutribullet mixer and maybe have a go at fixing something healthy to drink...then go a long drive to amble round a sculpture garden that I love.

It's such good company to read all your posts. I can only ebb in and out with my own contributions but trust that's enough - at least in these still early days. By the marks my 63rd day sober on my first try... All of you have the best day you can?
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Hope you feel better today Della and Weasel

Haven't heard anything about serial killers on the radio news so I reckon you should be OK Tetra

Ruby, I have read a Josephine Tey novel but I don't think it was the one you mentioned (it was about a body found on the beach) Not usually a fan of "golden age" crime novels but she is an exception
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Morning all,

Start of day thirteen for me. I have been reading the posts in this thread, some of us are on top of the game and some of us have been experiencing difficulties.

I have decided to contribute two songs from the same band. One to those who are doing great, I hope it motivates you:

For those of you not doing so great, I hope this one gives you some hope.

I am not sure how big these guys were state side, but they were huge in the rest of the world.


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A simple guy making his way
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Up... Gym...
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love is the answer
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Playing air guitar around the kitchen to the first one! .....thanks so much for sharing, haven't heard that track in ages!
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Hears The Voice
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Good Morning Sobrenders!

I learned about 2 years ago that "drunkalogues" (drinking stories) are not particularly useful in recovery. Therefore I tell them sparingly. But a memory hit me last night that I wanted to relate.

One of my standard procedures when I was still an active drinker was to hide how much I was drinking. One way I would do this was to stash a bottle of whiskey near the beer fridge in the garage. I would pop out to grab another beer, quickly hit that bottle when no one was looking, and return with a beer. One day we were having a large social event at our house. Many people would be there and it seemed likely to me that another person might come to the garage for a beer while I was out there. The thought of getting caught guzzling whiskey was concerning to me, so prior to the guests arriving I pre-poured 6 small solo cups with shots of whiskey and hid them in the garage. That way I could gulp one more expediently and reduce the chances of getting caught. And if I did get caught, I would only be caught with one shot.

What struck me last night when this memory wandered into my head was that it never occurred to me while I was planning ways to drink more without getting caught or pre-positioning my hidden shots that this indicated I had a big problem with alcohol. I mean, I knew I had a problem with alcohol, but this seemed like no big deal. It didn't seem at all like the problem had grown or was getting worse. I knew if people knew how much I was drinking they would think it was a problem. I knew if I got caught sneaking extra booze people would think it was a problem. I didn't stop to think they would be right - and that I needed to deal with it.

I think any sane person would read that story and conclude these are the actions of someone with a big problem. Yet while I lived it there was no sense of it whatsoever. It is amazing how deep and powerful the denial and self-delusion can be.

I am quite happy to be back amongst the sane, and to be riding the sober bus again this weekend.

Be well all!
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Perspective I guess. Looking back I had none concerning my drinking. Your garage scheme in fact would have been perfectly logical to me. It is incredible.

Now at almost 7 months I'm evaluating my life and have some areas that I want to make sweeping changes....changes that will affect others. I am using restraint because I'm not sure I trust my perspective yet and won't be able to undo these things. Maybe that's why we're encouraged to have at least a year before making certain steps. I wish there was a way to know for sure when the real me is in control of my perspective.

Anyway....another day of meetings ahead then long drive home. Time to see if they have breakfast out yet....

Have a nice day and wishing serenity for all.
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Good morning all! How is everyone doing today? How is everyone's mood?

Nons, your garage tale sounds so familiar to me. The sheer insanity of our actions to create intoxication, yet at the time seemed rational, clever, justified to oneself with a sardonic smile.

The sun is threatening to come out here. Might go for a bike ride.

Keep well all,

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