12 days and counting

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12 days and counting

It's nice waking up and going through the day with a clear head for the first time in 12 years. I guess For the first time I'm discovering who I really am. I haven't posted in awhile but all of you have been on my mind and helping me stay strong. The temptation to drink is still there, but most of my family and friends know I'm trying to stop, and they all have my back! I thank all of you very much for being there in the first days when it was extremely hard without that support tere is a good chance I would still be drinking
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Great job it's time... stay strong...
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I'm glad you're doing well.
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And it will keep on getting better.
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12 for me too. ER on day 3-awful experience. Feeling better but still have heart pounding anxious spells and weird dreams. But I feel very strong that I will never drink again. There is a story there-I have had a major mental pardigm shift.
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Do your best
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12 days is awesome
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congrats on day 12 its tiime
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Day 12 for me too.....stay strong and stay vigilent. Good luck to you and I hope this is the last time we ever have to quit.
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Time, this is great news!

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12 Days is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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