I am new here, in need of some support

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Originally Posted by Purpleknight View Post
Welcome to the Forum MyNightmare!!
Thank you purpleknight
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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post
Welcome mynightmare. Realizing the problem is a key first step in beating it...congratulations on coming here to seek help.

Immediately, you might need to re-think the events and activities surrounding your binges and remove them. That might mean changing the places you go, the things you do, and perhaps the people you do them with. I had to steer clear of obvious drinking opportunities ( bars, parties,etc. ) for a few months iniitally.

You might also want to consider some kind of formal sobriety plan - whether it be Meeting based ( Like AA or Life Ring ) or perhaps Therapy/Counseling, and even joining a Monthly or weekly thread in the newcomers section can help.

Again, welcome and don't be a stranger. We get it...and we are here for support if you need it, any time of the day.
Thank you Scott. I will be looking into going to meeting's. I think it will be good for me to start to understand why I do what I do and the only people that truly understand are those that have been there.
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It was explained to me this way once. Alcoholism is like taking the elevator. You get on the 20th floor, but you never want to go to the basement because you have to use the stairs to get back to the 1st floor. We just past the 4th floor..........time to get off.
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Welcome. I drink the way you too. Liked the Russian roulette analogy. Check out the gratitude threads and the weekenders. I like them bc it shows all the wonderful things people are doing now that they're sober. It's really motivating and I great place to share a accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.
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Yeah, I would binge drink and get all kinds of different ways. Its like the emotion I feel at that moment would take over my actions. Its a scary feeling. I'm on day 6 at the moment and just been keeping busy and tryin to get my life back together from the train wreck that I put it in. I can only blame myself. But I'm not gonna kick myself too hard either.

At least you know what the alcohol is doing when you binge. Awareness is helpful. Some people (and I use to be one) are just in denial. This forum has been helpful thus far for me personally. Hope it helps you.
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