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Sorry you're feeling so bad at the moment. It takes me back to how truly awful I felt a while back. Stopping physically picking up the booze was one thing - but learning how to be happy and cope with living sober was beyond my capabilities alone. Obviously, everyone's recovery is different, but for me working the AA 12-step programme has really helped with both anger (well, rage) and anxiety issues, as well as some other behaviours that were completely detrimental to my life and relationships. It had not only brought me back from the edge ,and a very dark scary place, but has also meant that I really am able to understand, and feel, some kind of inner peace.
I hope you will find some way to ease your anxiety and rage soon.
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Reading back over this whole thread, I cannot pick up where you get the idea that anyone, never mind one person has got it in for you. I think you are avoiding whatever issues you're facing by making excuses to hide behind. I understand that, as we have all been through that. Sooner or later chap, you are going to have to face yourself. You can try BS yourself, but you will know it's BS. Why even waste that effort when you can best utilize it to get better?

He can function? So what? He doesn't have two 70 year old parents that depend on you? So what? How do you know he doesn't? He is facing retrenchment, do you give a damn? He is burying his gran soon. Do you give a damn? All I have read is about you you you. No dude, you are wallowing in self pity. I know, because i was there not so long ago. It takes one to know one.

There is one thing you can be sure of here on SR, the majority of the serious boozers here, myself included have played your card more than 10 - 20 years ago. I am not knocking you, I am telling you that I see through your self pity. Now it is time for you to pull your finger out and be the man you can be. Otherwise, be a mouse and **** your life away and watch it literally fade away before your eyes.
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Za, his bs started long before this post. Sure self pity plays a part. But shaking uncontrollably when I am around people, or losing the felling on the right side of my body is not self pity, it is reality. I'm sober today b\c I chose to be. I alone made that choice & have kept it. The fact every post I've had some "fault" of mind was pointed out.

It's very rare I curse, but its gotten to the point where posting just adds on to my anxiety instead of helping. These "excuses" are very real things I need to consider. My last hospital visit they told me they can't keep helping me. So not sure if I can really go to expect help ..

Doesn't matter. Just will post when I have all sunshine & rainbows to talk about. That way no one can complain.

Thanx all for the suggestions, I might be able to do the insurance thing b\c I'm a "new" MD resident so that's a plus.

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