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Do your best
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i used to collect comic books and i like to read books in general thanks for the tip on the 10 rules of writing book

A lot of book stores sell graphic novels now btw
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I like the sound of that novel a heck of a lot too, Venecia :-)

To repeat myself ad nauseam, I reckon send the first one out to as many publishers as you can, and then get to work on finishing the second one. I may be speaking out of a hole in my head here (it could be worse), but it's probably not uncommon for authors to diversify with respect to genre. Maybe someone can think of some examples? And/or one of them may be chosen and the other one not. They may still might want to commit you to the rubber room :-D
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We routinely close threads at 500 posts.
Please join us here for part 2

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