Day 3....

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Day 3....

Hi Everyone
Thanks for all the support I received on day2. I slept pretty good last night. I still feel a little tired and groggy this morning. I'm going to take a ride up to lake Tahoe today. That's a great place for peace and to do some quality thinking about goals etc. Also it will help me stay away from my favorite drinking place, my home. I hope everyone had some sleep last night and are doing ok this morning......
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Tc4ever - thanks for that post. I'm on Day 2 (didn't sleep too well last night and have a sober headache today!) and I've been sorting the back garden out today. Seeing it looking much better already after a fair bit of time looking unkempt makes me feel like I'm moving in the right direction! I would never have got off my backside on a Sunday afternoon to do that previously. I don't know what Lake Tahoe is like but it sounds like it's a great place to take stock and clear your mind of clutter!
Best Wishes
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Good work TC and congrats on another sober day. Getting out of the house for a bit sounds like a good plan, enjoy the Lake!
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Do your best
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3 days is exellent
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Great job on Day 3 and enjoy Lake Tahoe.
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Day 3 is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Hope you had a good day TC

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Day 3 -that's wonderful! I was exhausted for awhile after quitting - I think it's normal.
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Day 3,that's awesome!!!

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Was the hardest so far.

I had a hell of a craving today. Got light headed and I swear I could taste beer going down my throat. What surprised me the most is I realized what was going on. I stopped and bought a bag of skittles and a soda and just thought about why I need to do this and about certain post I've read on here and the advice that was giving to them when this happened. I'm so grateful for the knowledge and love that is on this board and what you've taught me so far and what I still need to learn...
Thanks for the help....
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